Community Safety

Shoalhaven City Council has an ongoing commitment to improving community safety and reducing crime in our region.

A safe Shoalhaven is achieved through proactive programs and strong partnerships with the whole community.

It is recognised that a collaborative effort between business, residential, health and emergency services groups is essential for success in maintaining community safety across the Shoalhaven.

Shoalhaven Crime Prevention Plan

Shoalhaven City Council is a key player in the development and implementation of community level crime prevention programs across the Shoalhaven region.

The Shoalhaven Crime Prevention Plan 2018-2023 aims to:

  • Promote a strategic and holistic approach to the prevention of crime in the Shoalhaven
  • Identify priorities and strategies to minimize crime
  • Identify programs, activities and initiatives that lead to the community’s safety and wellbeing
  • Enable Shoalhaven City Council to apply for funding through the NSW Department of Justice in order to implement the Crime Prevention Plan