We Know

Plan and prepare for the bush fire season

In the Shoalhaven, we know the devastation caused by fire. After battling bush fires in the summer of 2019-20 and then continuing to rebuild ever since, we know you can never be too vigilant or too prepared.

We know that the effort put in now could make all the difference. We know what it means to unite as a community and help each other in difficult times. We know that in the face of adversity, we’re there for each other.

Taking steps to plan for a disaster, we know.

Council, supported by advice from emergency agencies such as the Rural Fire Brigade (RFS), provides the key information you need to stay up-to-date and to prepare for an emergency. Click on the tabs for the latest information that, we know, saves lives.

Tourist Accommodation Providers

The All Hazards Information Guide - For Shoalhaven Tourist Accommodation Providers booklet provides basic emergency management information for tourist operators in the Shoalhaven. As a tourist operator you can help by offering support to visitors and the community in the event of an emergency.