Air pollution

The Shoalhaven region generally experiences excellent air quality.

Air quality can be impacted by particle pollution from residential wood heaters and backyard burning.

It is important to prevent or minimise smoke nuisance and air pollution from wood heaters and backyard burning by knowing and using the recommended practices.

Burning off

If you are burning dry vegetation for domestic purposes only, for example for yard maintenance, a permit is not required from Council.

A responsible person does always need to tend to the fire. At all times.

Also, you should consider your neighbours and make sure smoke does not cause them a nuisance. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required.


Commercial operators

Commercial operators will not be granted consent to burn waste that is a byproduct of their business, for example tree surgeons.

We encourage you to recycle, mulch or dispose of your waste at a licensed waste facility.

Fire permits

A fire permit is required for burning activities during the Bush Fire Danger Period and can be obtained from:

Responsibility to prevent air pollution

People who burn anything by open fire, or an incinerator have a legal responsibility to prevent or minimise air pollution.

Reporting concerns about burning

If you observe burning off when a permit is required, please report it immediately to:

  • Emergency Triple Zero (000)

Let us know if backyard burning or smoke from a wood heater is causing a nuisance.

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