Commercial use of footpaths

Across the Shoalhaven region is a dynamic mix of hospitality and retail businesses that create memorable dining and shopping experiences.  Footpath dining and vending help create a vibrant atmosphere  that encourages trading and enhances neighbourhood centres.

Find out how to obtain Approval for all commercial use of public footpaths (with-in the road reserve) in the Shoalhaven.

Why you need approval

The primary purpose of the public footpath is to accommodate pedestrian traffic and provide a clear accessible path of traffic.

The commercial use of the footpath is only allowed where sufficient access can be maintained for the safety and convenience of all users. Some footpaths in the Shoalhaven are not suitable for commercial use because they are too narrow to address requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the relevant Australian standards.

Council ensures:

  • The safety and convenient passage of all pedestrians
  • That public amenity will not be compromised
  • That adjoining premises are not adversely affected

Businesses must apply to use the footpath and have their planned use assessed against the requirements of the Developmental Control Plan 2014.

Commercial use of footpaths includes: 

  • Outdoor Dining 
  • A-Board Sign
  • Advertising Display
  • Merchandise Display 

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