Water pollution

Shoalhaven is renowned for our beautiful beaches and waterways. When it rains, the stormwater washes any material or pollutant on the ground into our waterways.

Common sources of water pollution include litter, sediment and construction site runoff, paint, oil, chemicals and sewage.

There are ways you can help prevent water pollution:

  • Wash your car on the lawn or at carwash
  • Don't let detergents go down the stormwater drain
  • Pick up rubbish around your property and street
  • Put cigarette butts in the bin
  • Pick up dog droppings
  • Store liquids and chemicals under cover and in a bunded (contained) area
  • Carry out work involving oils and fluids indoors and in a contained area

You can find information in the fact sheets below on preventing water pollution in our area:

Council regularly samples our waterways to ensure they are in a healthy condition we can swim, fish and boat in. For information on our water sampling program view our Shoalhaven Water Quality page.

Reporting water pollution

Council investigates all water pollution enquiries immediately or as soon as practicably possible.

Let us know if you are concerned that a water pollution incident has occurred or is very likely to occur.

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