Responsible dog ownership

Chip, snip and register.

Pet owners across the Shoalhaven are being asked to 'chip, snip and register' their dogs to keep them safe. 

While microchipping, registering, and keeping address details current is a legal requirement, it's also the best way to ensure that they are returned home promptly if they run away.

For more information visit Pet Registration & Microchipping



Understanding body language 

Understanding your dog's body language is the first step in knowing how to respond. There are simple ways to know how they are feeling by observing their tails, ears and mouth movement. 

Securing your yard

It can be frightening and stressful if your dog escapes the home or yard. We recommend you inspect your yard and fencing to make sure there aren't any opportunities for escaping dogs.

This includes looking for holes underneath the fence, checking the structure is secure with no damage, as well as making sure there aren't any climbing aids that could help your dog scale the fence. 


There's no denying that dogs love an outing - it's great for their socialisation, physical and mental health, and even helps their sleep.

Creating a positive experience for your dog while it's out and about is part of being a responsible dog owner and there are key steps to follow to ensure every outing is a success.

  • always have your dog on a leash (unless in an off-leash area and check signage for prohibited areas). Note: In off-leash areas, off-leash doesn't mean off-duty.

  • always clean up after your dog (carry dog tidy bags). 

  • ensure your dog has a collar and a tag with contact details.

  • make sure they have access to shade and fresh water (particularly at the beach). 

  • use a restraint or make sure your dog is secured when driving to a destination.  

  • avoid crowds, dog parks and new situations if your dog is reactive.  

Be aware of local off-leash and prohibited areas. 


Take time to learn how to train your dog with positive reinforcement. Be a good neighbour at home - if barking becomes a problem, check out Council's dog barking information. When out and about ensure your dog is under effective control.