Planning controls for HMAS Albatross

The Naval Air Station HMAS Albatross was established in 1939 and is located to the south-west of the Nowra-Bomaderry urban area.

HMAS Albatross is the sole Royal Australian Navy Air Station and as such is an important strategic defence base.

Given its importance, Council works with the Navy and Department of Defence to ensure it can continue to operate.

There are a range of strategic planning controls in place, and information available, to ensure that landowners, residents and the general community are aware of the Air Station and its operations as part of the purchase or development of properties. These include:

Defence noise website

This Department of Defence website provides a range of information on noise associated with defence airbases in Australia, including HMAS Albatross.

This site has information on the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) for HMAS Albatross.

Military aircraft operating areas

This map shows the military aircraft operating areas associated with HMAS Albatross and details operating heights, flight frequency etc.

Defence aviation area

Until recently, the airspace on and around HMAS Albatross, was protected by the Defence (Areas Control) Regulations [DACR], 1996.
On 26 March 2018, the DACR were repealed and replaced by an amendment to the Defence Regulations, 2016 dealing with Defence Aviation Areas (DAA).

The DAA require Defence approval of any structure that may pose a hazard to aviation within a radius of approximately 15km of the declared airfield.  The requirement for Defence approval under the DAA is still completely separate to any approvals required by state and local government planning authorities.

Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014

The Shoalhaven LEP 2014 contains provisions related to:

  • Clause 7.9 - HMAS Albatross airspace operations
  • Clause 7.10 - Development in the HMAS Albatross Military Airfield buffer area (and associated map)

These provisions ensure that developments within the vicinity of HMAS Albatross are appropriately considered in terms of height, noise etc.

Shoalhaven Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014

Chapter N24 HMAS Albatross Military Airfield Buffer - Shoalhaven DCP 2014 is the Policy for residential Development in Vicinity of Royal Naval Air Station Nowra, it's been in place since 1997 (DCP 69).

The DCP provides more detailed guidance and planning controls on the siting of residential dwellings in the HMAS Albatross airfield buffer area.

Section 10.7 Certificates

Section 10.7 Certificates provide information on how land may be used and restrictions on its development.

Various information regarding HMAS Albatross, including the above matters where relevant, is provided on full Section 10.7 (zoning) certificates that are issued at the time of the sale or purchase of land generally.

Bird strike controls

The Department of Defence has advised that ‘bird strike’ is a potential issue for various uses within the vicinity of HMAS Albatross and the broader area. 

The HMAS Albatross Constraints Bird Strike map shows particular uses that should be avoided within different mapped areas surrounding the base.

The Guidelines

Managing the Risk of Wildlife Strikes in the Vicinity of Airports, which is contained within the National Airports Safeguarding Framework is relevant in this regard and can be accessed using: