Parks and nature reserves

The Shoalhaven is known for its natural beauty, sparkling beaches, beautiful headlands and tranquil waterways and has around 1,200 reserves for residents and visitors to enjoy.

They are ideal locations for family fun days and activities, BBQ’s, sporting events, gatherings and celebrations, business events and wedding ceremonies.

Find out where our picturesque parks, reserves, and facilities are across the Shoalhaven and how to book them.

Parks and facilities in the Shoalhaven

There are over 20 picturesque parks and reserves that you can book to host your family gathering, celebration, sporting or business event, or your wedding ceremony. There are twelve (12) medium function locations that accommodate 50 to 100 people and nine (9) large function locations that accommodate over 100 people. 

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Our parks and facilities include

  • play equipment
  • basketball half courts
  • outdoor gyms
  • barbecue areas
  • shelters
  • skate parks
  • BMX tracks
  • sportsgrounds
  • cycleways
  • boat ramps
  • jetties
  • toilets
  • shower facilities
  • memorials

Park facilities


Public toilets are available at a wide range of our parks and sports fields.

Find out more:


We have 128 playgrounds across Shoalhaven City to provide fun play experiences.

All playgrounds are designed to safely meet Australian Standards.


Shoalhaven City Council provides electric BBQ's in more than 50 locations:

  • BBQ’s are free to use and are regularly cleaned and serviced

Dozens of wood fired BBQ’s are scattered through the reserves:

  • Restricted use can apply during peak fire seasons
  • Council does not provide firewood


Gazebos and shelters are available in many of our parks and range in size.

Shelters to accommodate coach tours:

Shelters to accommodate small family picnics:

Boat ramps

Boat ramps are provided in many of our estuaries and lakes to cater for all types of weather.

For the open sea adventurer, deepwater boat ramps are available at several locations along the Shoalhaven coastline.

Skate parks

Shoalhaven regional skate parks:

 Other skate parks include:

  • Berry
  • Callala Bay
  • Sanctuary Point
  • Shoalhaven Heads - Jerry Bailey Oval
  • Culburra - Curleys Bay Reserve
  • Sussex Inlet - Thompson Street Reserve
  • Manyana - Yulunga Reserve

BMX & pump tracks

Malcolm Moore BMX track, Kangaroo Valley pump track and Shoalhaven Heads pump track offer the more experienced rider a chance to get some air.

Younger age riders may take the opportunity to get cranking at Parson Street, Ulladulla, Curleys Bay pump track or simply enjoy a few little jumps at Gordon Ravell Oval, Greenwell Point and Fishermans Paradise Boatramp.

Walking tracks

Across the Shoalhaven there is a wide variety of walking tracks for all abilities.

They range from wheelchair One Track for All at Ulladulla to Bomaderry Creek Walk that offers a medium challenge to all age groups.

Dog access areas

Across the parks network there are several off-leash areas as well as prohibited and restricted areas.

Park amenities

Open parklands

Families or individuals can gather to play, feast, exercise or lose themselves in wide open spaces.

Natural areas

Subtropical and temperate rainforest can be readily accessed for day trips or an outdoor adventure.

Foreshores, beaches and waterways

For water sports activities or simply enjoy the beauty of our beaches, lakes and waterways.

Sports grounds

Our sports grounds cater for a broad range of sports including:

  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Croquet
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis and more


There are nominated reserves throughout the Shoalhaven to host your function, event or wedding ceremony (conditions apply).

Get In Step Program

Open our Get In Step Walks booklet to 20 amazing and accessible pathways throughout the Shoalhaven. Get your shoes ready, find a 1km walk and have fun.

Park Classification

The Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan currently identifies three types of open space recreation - Local Park, District Park and Regional Park.

In addition to the parks that service our local community, Council have Destination Parks which offer a unique experience reflecting geographic location, inclusivity and access every day of the year. Destination Parks offer multiple passive and active recreational uses, open spaces, BBQ amenities, inclusive footpaths, inclusive amenities and wayfinding signage. The location offers a great selection of cafes, restaurants, accommodation, shopping and entertainment for both local and traveller.  The Destination Park has sufficient space, amenities and parking for events and celebrations.

The four destination parks in Shoalhaven which include:

Destination Parks:

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