Section 10.7 Certificates

A Section 10.7 (s10.7) Planning Certificate is a certificate issued by Council under the provisions of Section 10.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

This certificate provides information on how the land may be used and restrictions on its development. For information about exempt and complying development for a property, please refer to our guide on types of approval.

A s10.7 Certificate can only be issued on a lot that has been registered and is only legally correct as of the day of processing.

A Section 10.7 Certificate has two (2) parts

A s10.7(2) Certificate provides information as required in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000. A s10.7(2) Certificate must legally be attached to a contract for the sale of the land.

A s10.7(5) Certificate provides a broader range of information relevant to the land and additional advice including:

  • Exhibited draft Development Control Plan’s (DCPs)
  • Whether it is potentially contaminated land
  • Other planning matters considered relevant

You can request a part Certificate - s10.7(2), or a full Certificate - s10.7(2) & (5).

It is highly recommended that a full certificate (part (2) and part (5)) be obtained when purchasing land in the Shoalhaven.

Apply for a s10.7 Certificate

  • Online application instructions
  • When applying online please ensure that all information supplied is correct
  • Changes cannot be made once application is submitted
  • The certificate is only emailed to the address supplied
  • No refund or cancellation is available once submitted

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Section 10.7 Certificate Attachments