Shoalhaven Animal Shelter


Shoalhaven Animal Shelter reunites lost pets and livestock with owners, microchips animals, and manages the adoption of pets in need of rehoming. If you are looking to adopt a pet, you may find them here. 

Please note: If you would like to visit the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter, please call 1300 293 111 to make an appointment.


Trained staff at the shelter can microchip your animal. To organise microchipping of your pet contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. 

Learn more about microchipping and pet registration.

Adopting a pet

If you are considering getting a new pet: 

  • Contact Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. We have animals looking for a new home
  • See animals currently available for adoption on the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Facebook page (no Facebook account needed)

Lost and found animals

Losing an animal can be distressing and cause worry. If your pet is microchipped and registered, and your current details are up to date with Council, you can be easily reunited.

The main collection point for lost animals is Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. You can check the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Facebook page to see if your animal is at the shelter.

There are some things you can do and should know about if you have lost a pet.

Surrendering an animal 

If you can no longer look after your pet, contact Shoalhaven Animal Shelter and we can give you some options and advice.

Cat traps

To make a booking and collect a cat trap, contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter. A deposit fee is required along with per day or per week fees.

For more information about cats view:


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