Alcohol free zones

In the Shoalhaven region there are restrictions on taking alcohol into, or consuming alcohol in, some public spaces.

This is to improve public safety and help prevent anti-social behaviour and crime that may be fueled by alcohol consumption.

We have different alcohol restrictions in different spaces, they are in place so you can have a safe and enjoyable time wherever you are.

It is illegal to consume alcohol in alcohol free zones.

1. Alcohol Free Zones (AFZ)

AFZs prohibit the consumption alcohol on specified roads, footpaths and car parks and apply 24 hours a day seven (7) days a week. Alcohol Free Zones are intended to prevent street drinking and improve public safety by minimizing chances of anti-social behavior and alcohol-related crime on the streets. These AFZs include the shaded areas, as marked on the following maps:

2. Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA)

APAs prohibit the consumption of alcohol in parks, beaches, reserves and ovals between specified signed hours. However, Alcohol Prohibited Areas may be 24-hours prohibited.

Penalties apply for both alcohol-free zones and alcohol-prohibited areas.

Public reserve restrictions

Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) between 10pm - 8am.

All public reserves located within the Shoalhaven Local Government Area that are within the care and control of Council (except for booked community halls, showgrounds & clubrooms) are APAs between 10pm - 8am.

24-hour Alcohol Prohibited Areas

Be aware the following spaces are 24-hour Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) on these four dates. View these designated spaces within the towns and villages below.

  • 24 December (Christmas Eve)
  • 31 December (New Years Eve)
  • 1 January (New Years Day)
  • 26 January (Australia Day)

Basin View

  • Basin View Boat Ramp area


Callala Bay and Callala Beach

  • Reserve area at the end of Callala Beach Road and amenities (toilets) area
  • Callala Bay Yacht Club reserve area
  • Callala Bay Surf Club reserve area - at the southern end of Lackersteen Street

Crookhaven Heads

  • Crookhaven Heads Reserve

Culburra Beach

  • Tilbury Reserve and Wheelers Park - at the eastern end of Penguin Head Road
  • Warraine Beach Reserve
  • Lakeside Park - to the south of East Crescent


  • Abrahams Bosom Beach Reserve
  • Dolphin Reserve - at the western end of Piscator Avenue

Greenwell Point



  • O’Hara Head Reserve - at the eastern end of Scerri Drive in the vicinity of the coastal patrol building and boat ramps

Lake Conjola

  • Lake Conjola Reserve - adjacent to the boat ramp at the eastern end of Lake Entrance Road

Merry Beach

  • Merry Beach Reserve - at the southern end of Merry Beach Road
  • Pretty Beach Reserve - at the southern end of Pretty Beach


  • Mollymook Beach Reserve - in the vicinity of Mollymook Surf Club
  • North Mollymook Beach area - adjacent to Beach Road  
  • Mitchell Parade Reserve and car parks
  • Collier’s Beach Reserve - to the south at the end of Burleigh Way



Orient Point

  • Orient Point Boat Ramp reserve area

Sanctuary Point

  • Paradise Beach Reserve
  • Palm Beach Reserve

Shoalhaven Heads

  • Gumley Reserve - in the vicinity of Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club and River Road Boat Ramp
  • Car park and jetty area - at the southern end of Jerry Bailey Road and River Road intersection
  • Shoalhaven Heads Skate Park