Roads and traffic management


To make suburban streets safe, road restrictions and traffic management regulations for heavy vehicles are in place across the Shoalhaven.

Heavy vehicle drivers need to be aware of the permits required and the height and weight road restrictions for our region.

Heavy and long vehicles

Heavy and long vehicles are permitted to stop in public streets in accordance with the provisions of Rule 200 of Road Rules 2014. Heavy vehicles have a gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or more and long vehicles are 7.5 metres or longer. These vehicles are only permitted to park in a built up area for a maximum of one (1) hour unless a traffic control device indicates a longer period.

Some exemptions to this rule apply where the vehicle is picking up or dropping off goods, such as at a building site or furniture removalists or if the vehicle is a bus.

For more information on these regulations visit:

Heavy Vehicle Access Permits

Heavy Vehicle Permits for all roads in the Shoalhaven may be obtained by contacting the:

Road restrictions

Know the road restrictions we have in place to keep our roads and community safe.


Visit Roads & Maritime Services website to view:

Speed zone reduction

To reduce an existing speed limit to a specified speed limit adjacent to a construction work site, a minimum of 10 working days should be allowed to obtain a Speed Zone Reduction authorisation.

A condition of approval will include requirement for a site-specific Traffic & Pedestrian Control Plan.

The Traffic & Pedestrian Control Plan must comply with the RMS (Roads and Traffic Authority) manual ‘Traffic & Pedestrian Control at Work Sites’ and must be prepared and certified by a person holding the appropriate Roads and Traffic Authority accreditation.

For more information contact Councils Roads Assets Manager.

Request a speed zone change

The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) has the responsibility to determine the speed zone for all roads within NSW.

To request a speed zone change visit: