Graffiti management

Graffiti is a crime. It is writing or drawings made on walls or other surfaces without permission and within public view - graffiti is the act of defacing premises or property without permission.

It does not include approved public art.

The best way to manage graffiti is to Prevent it, Remove it and Report it.

If you see graffiti happening, report it to Police.

The effect of graffiti on our community

Graffiti can cause people to feel unsafe.

It creates the impression that nobody cares about the area, and if left unattended it often attracts more graffiti and may even encourage other more serious crimes.

If the graffiti is racist or contains discriminatory themes it can personally offend individuals or community groups.

What is Council doing?

Council has committed additional resources to managing graffiti removal, we: 

  • Employ a specialist tradesperson with a vehicle and equipment to remove graffiti from high profile Council assets daily
  • Encourage local business and service providers to be proactive in removing graffiti on their premises

Alternatively, Council can undertake graffiti removal work for a fee.


What can you do?

You can Prevent it, Remove it or Report it.

Prevent it

Simple things you can do to deter graffiti include:

  • Plan for easy graffiti removal (i.e. rough surfaces)
  • Install lighting
  • Consider a mural
  • Use ‘Eyewatch’ Facebook page
    •  NSW Police provide Eyewatch, a local Facebook page for every Police area and district - it allows locals to exchange information with police about crime and report issues of concern in real time

Remove it

It is the responsibility of property owners or occupants to remove graffiti on private property. Council strongly recommends that you remove graffiti as soon as it appears, or as soon as you can, as it is the best way to discourage repeat attacks and the graffiti will be easier to remove.

Also, your quick response sends a positive message to the community.

Report it

Let us know if you spot graffiti in your neighbourhood.

Report Online

If you see graffiti actually happening, report it to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact the Police Assistance Line.