Public art

Public art, including large scale murals, sculptures and installations, articulate the personality of the beautiful Shoalhaven coastal communities.

Impressive large-scale murals bring our streetscapes alive, while others brighten and personalise local community amenities.

Playful and interesting artworks, sculptures and installations speak to the stories of our residents, wildlife and environment and offer the artists insights about our region.

Our public art:

  • Tells our stories
  • Beautifies the Shoalhaven region
  • Creates cultural and educational awareness
  • Gives artists recognition and profiles their artworks
  • Helps create community pride and reduces anti-social behaviours (graffiti or vandalism)

How Council is involved

Shoalhaven City Council supports public art through the Shoalhaven Arts Board, Grants & Funding projects and displaying artworks, sculptures and installations on Public and Crown land.

Public art helps to create community pride and reduces anti-social behaviour. Council's Parks Programs officer helps to identify suitable sites for public art.

Council oversees public art projects across the Shoalhaven including:

  • Large-scale murals in Nowra CBD
  • Murals
  • Sculptures
  • Art installations 

View Shoalhaven's public art

View Shoalhaven’s public installations & sculptures