Shoalhaven Property Strategy

Shoalhaven City Council has a substantial property portfolio comprising community, operational, residential, industrial and commercial properties distributed throughout the Shoalhaven.

The Shoalhaven Property Strategy has been prepared to assist Council in the efficient and effective management of this property portfolio and to ensure current and future community and operational needs are met.

The property strategy is intended to provide a platform for service improvements by:

  • ensuring property is always treated as a strategic resource and valued asset
  • challenging the reasoning for continued ownership of underperforming assets
  • ensuring property decisions are informed by sufficient data and analysis
  • providing clarity around property processes, procedures and responsibilities
  • providing tools and measures for the assessment of property performance
  • identifying the benefits that the property portfolio is expected to deliver to the community
  • establishing a process for reporting on Council’s property portfolio performance to Council on an annual basis
  • establishing a framework for the future management of Council’s property portfolio to increase financial returns to Council