Burrier Road - Burrier - Various Landslips

Burrier Road was severely impacted by weather events in July 2020 (2 landslips) and again in February and June 2022 (4 landslips). Temporary road maintenance has been undertaken and some sections of road widths reduced to a single lane.

The latest

05/06/2023 - Updated two-week look-ahead program released by Symal. Refer Related Information

About the works

08/05/2023 - Mobilisation of construction equipment to commence soon. Updated two-week Lookahead program released by Symal. Refer Related Information.

18/04/2023 - Landslip repairs progressing with temporary works now complete. Rural address 446 (Skyline) – Chainage 3560m

26/03/2023 - Works have now commenced on stage 1 landslip (Skyline). The repair of the major landslips will commence on 10th May 2023. Rural address 446 (Skyline) – Chainage 3560m

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27/03/2023 - Next drop-in session Tuesday 28th March 5:00PM Gradys Riverside Retreat.

04/03/2023 - The latest construction program proposed by contractor Symal for the 38 the Major Landslip repair work has been released. The construction program lists the planned start and finish date for each of the 38 land slips. A summary of the construction program is available on the  Major Landslip Package Planned Program of Work. A copy of the construction program is also available on the right-hand side of the Master Project Page in the related documents section.

14/02/2023 - Contract awarded. Council has resolved to proceed with the appointment of infrastructure and construction group Symal to repair the 38 major landslips. Council has provided Symal a schedule of works prioritising the most urgent landslips, the first round of works to begin late March 2023.

View list of major landslips and construction priorities under Major landslip package priorities on Master Project Page

2022 Works History

22/12/2022 - Four (4) tenders for the repair of 38 major landslip sites were received, a comprehensive evaluation process of tenders was then completed. A report outlining the recommended tender has now been forwarded to NSW Public Work Advisory (PWA) for their endorsement. It is anticipated PWA will evaluate the tender acceptance report and respond back to Council mid-January 2023. For further information see Master Project Page Severe weather events reconstruction work - 2022 | Shoalhaven City Council (nsw.gov.au)

August 2020 Storms and flood natural disaster event AGRN923 brought the worst flooding the region has seen in 30 years with almost 400mm of rain falling in four (4) days, causing damages to 170 locations and Councils assets. Burrier Rd sustained various damage in seven (7) locations. Of this damage, there were two (2) landslips impacting Burrier Rd that required one (1) lane of the road be closed, while repair options were investigated, designed and construction work tendered out.

March 2022 AGRN1012 and September 2022 severe weather natural disaster events, again caused significant damages across the Shoalhaven LGA including 98 landslips affecting local public roads managed by Shoalhaven City Council. Of this damage, 38 landslips were recognised as “moderate to major" and have been packaged as one (1) large project - the design documented by specialist consultants SLR and be tendered out for construction by specialist contractors.

Of this package of work, four (4) landslips are along Burrier Rd. This brings the total number of landslips affecting Burrier Rd to six (6).

Stage 1 landslip repair – 2 landslips

Stage 1 landslip repair involves the repair of two (2) landslips caused by the August 2020 storm and flood natural disaster events.

Location of these two (2) landslips:

  • Rural address 446 - Chainage 3500m
  • Rural address 446 (Skyline) – Chainage 3560m

Both landslips were re-damaged by two (2) rainfall events in 2022, as a result construction work ceased whilst repair work was re-designed.

Stage 2 landslip repairs – 4 landslips

Stage 2 landslip repairs involve the repair of four (4) landslips caused by the February and June 2022 storms and flood natural disaster events.

Location of these landslips are at road chainages:

  • Rural Address 107 - Chainage 540 to 920m
  • Rural Address 446 - Chainage 3320 to 3340m
  • Rural Address 446 - Chainage 3640 to 3900m
  • Rural Address 691 - Chainage 5780 to 6420m

The repair of these landslips is part of the 38 major landslip package tender, issued for public tender 31 October 2022, closing 6th December 2022



Stage 1 – 2 landslips – August 2020 rainfall event

Chainage 3500 to 3560m (Skyline) – Rural address 446

  • Geotechnical investigations and design for permanent repair complete
  • Disaster Recovery Funding approved for construction
  • Construction Tender awarded 17 March 2022
  • The design had to be changed due to deteriorating site condition which has resulted in delay of construction works.
  • This has also resulted in major variation cost which is under assessment.
  • Additional funding approval is required to cover variation cost.
  • Works on site was anticipated to commence in November 2022 once variation is finalised and addition funds approved.
  • Anticipated construction commencement date February 2023
  • Anticipated construction completion date May 2023

Stage 2 – 4 landslips – February and June 2022 rain events

  • Chainage 540 to 920m – Rural Address 107
  • Chainage 3320 to 3340m – Rural Address 446
  • Chainage 3640 to 3900m – Rural Address 446
  • Chainage 5780 to 6420m – Rural Address 691

01/09/2022 - Design work was completed.

31/10/2022 - Public tenders for construction called.

06/12/2022 - Tender submissions closed. Four tenders received. Tender evaluations commenced.

22/12/2022 - Tender evaluation completed and report submitted to PWA for review and endorsement.

01/01/2023 - Tender recommendation by PWA to Council expected.