Natural Disaster Reconstruction Works

Find information on natural disasters the Shoalhaven has experienced since 2018, and Council's efforts to rebuild infrastructure and recover in the aftermath.

An aerial view of a large section of road that has slipped down a hill, causing a large rift in the road.
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  • Last reviewed 06 June 2024

The latest

Following 7 April 2024 severe weather event, Kangaroo Valley Road incurred a significant landslip damage, scheduled for repair 24 June to 18 November 2024.

Completion of the Major Landslip Package is imminent; 38 landslips across 15 roads. The final four (4) roads planned for completion:

Burrier Rd - early June
Foremans Rd - early June
Wattamolla Rd - mid June
Bunkers Hill Rd - early August

About the project

The Shoalhaven has experienced multiple natural disasters in the last five years. This has had a major impact on our communities through damage to properties, infrastructure and the environment. Council has undertaken works to rebuild damaged infrastructure across our network of 2,500 roads, bridges, stormwater culverts and flood levees.

The work required to rebuild infrastructure after a single disaster can take years to fully complete.

2024 Reconstruction Works history

15/5/2024 - Announcement:  Final works on Bunkers Hill Rd, Burrier Rd, Foremans Rd, and Wattamolla Rd are in progress. Completion of the Major Landslip Package - reconstruction of 38 major landslips - is imminent.

24/4/2024 - Council has begun repair work following 7 April 2024 (AGRN 1119) severe weather and flooding event, and continues repair works for infrastructure damages incurred during 2022 and 2023 natural disasters. Major landslip works are near completion, anticipated mid-2024. Find Disaster Assistance Advice and Flood Recovery information under Related Documents if you have been impacted by this event.

10/4/2024 - AnnouncementThe recent natural disaster declaration (AGRN 1119) 7 April 2024 severe weather and flooding has impacted our Shoalhaven communities, causing damages to some roads and property. Recovery work to provide access and continue repair works has started on Bunkers Hill Rd, Burrier Rd, Kangaroo Valley Rd, Wattamolla Rd, Foremans Rd and Yalwal Rd. Search and subscribe to these roads' pages for updates.

3/4/2024 - AnnouncementMajor Landslip Package Surges Towards Completion. The 2022 Natural Disaster Reconstruction Works and Major Landslip Package are surging towards completion. This package includes the reconstruction of 38 landslips and their related road repairs across 15 roads. For full details select the 2022 Natural Disaster Reconstruction Works tile below.


Most recent natural disaster

Repair works are continuing following declared natural disaster 7 April 2024 (AGRN 1119) Severe weather and flooding event.

Find Disaster Assistance Advice and Flood Recovery information under Related Documents if you have been impacted by this event.

Natural disaster declarations

If an area has been declared a disaster, affected communities and individuals may have access to disaster relief assistance. Disaster declarations are issued by the NSW Government and each declaration has an associated Australian Government reference number (AGRN). For example, the Shoalhaven was declared a Natural Disaster Area for the 28 November 2023 Storm Event (AGRN 1086) after heavy rain and flooding caused extensive damage to property and infrastructure.

These declarations and their AGRNs are listed on the NSW Government website, to assist affected communities and individuals in accessing a range of special assistance measures.

Declared disasters in the Shoalhaven

Financial year 2023-24

  • NSW severe weather and flooding from 28 November 2023 onwards (AGRN 1086)

Financial year 2022-23

  • NSW severe weather and flooding from 14 September 2022 onwards (AGRN 1034)

Financial year 2021-22

  • NSW severe weather and flooding from 27 June 2022 onwards (AGRN 1025)
  • NSW severe weather and flooding from 22 February 2022 onwards (AGRN 1012)
  • NSW severe weather and flooding from 9 November 2021 onwards (AGRN 987)

Financial year 2020-21

  • Southern NSW storms and floods from 5 May 2021 onwards (AGRN 970)
  • NSW storms and floods from 10 March 2021 onwards (AGRN 960)
  • NSW storms and floods from 20 October 2020 onwards (AGRN 936)
  • NSW storms and floods from 5 August 2020 onwards (AGRN 923)
  • NSW storms and floods from 25 July 2020 onwards (AGRN 922)

Financial year 2019-20

  • NSW storms and floods from 15 January 2020 onwards (AGRN 898)
  • NSW bushfires from 31 August 2019 onwards (AGRN 871)

Financial year 2018-19

  • Shoalhaven bushfires from 11 August 2018 onwards (AGRN 818)

Natural disaster funding

As these severe weather events have been declared as natural disasters, Council is eligible for federal funding to restore essential infrastructure under strict conditions outlined in:

Under these funding arrangements, Council is seeking funding under Category B measures for ‘restoration of essential public assets’.

There are three distinct stages of restoration works:

Stage 1: Emergency work (Completed)

Removal of debris to allow restricted traffic movement.

Load limits (refer below) and traffic management have been imposed on some roads around the region to improve driver safety and prevent further road damage.

Stage 2: Immediate reconstruction work (Completed)

In certain locations, significant repair work has been completed to improve public safety and restore property access for residents.

See related documents for a list of the immediate reconstruction works completed to date.

Stage 3: Essential public asset reconstruction work (In Progress)

Stage 3 involves the investigation, design and construction of the initial 38 high priority landslip repairs impacting roads is a large undertaking and planning for this work is well underway.

Planning for the lower priority works, including initial investigation, recommendations and concept designs, will commence early November 2022 and will follow a similar process to the higher priority works.

Shoalhaven recovery hub

Please note: The hub is closed from Friday 22 December and re-opens on Thursday 11 January 2024. The Recovery Team will be on leave from 22 December 2023, returning 2 January 2024.

Where: The Lounge, Ulladulla Civic Centre, 81B Princes Highway, Ulladulla

When: 10:30am - 4:00pm every Thursday and Friday from 11 January onwards.

If you have been affected by the recent storm and flooding event and are seeking assistance or support, please give us a call or drop in to the HUB.

The Recovery Team are available on (02) 4429 5888 Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Come along and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. We are here to listen. Just talking to someone can make a difference.

Additional support

Remember during this holiday break you are not alone, support is available.

Details of assistance available can be found at Service NSW, or call 13 77 88 to discuss your circumstances.

For payments, grants and programs for people affected by floods, bushfires and other natural disasters in NSW visit: 

If you need someone to talk to over the holiday break, reach out to Lifeline's 24/7 support line on 13 11 14  or visit Lifeline's website.

To see the full list of disaster declarations and assistance available for each, go to the NSW Government's natural disaster declarations page.

Current reconstruction works

Find current repair and reconstruction works on the natural disaster repair works listings page below.

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