Weekly Christmas holiday kerbside recycling commences 21 December 2020 through to 29 January 2021. Collection days remain the same.

Shoalhaven City Council provides a weekly kerbside bin collection service for your red-lid bins and a fortnightly collection for your yellow-lid bins. Our Yellow Bin Recycling Calendar provides a simple guide to collection days.

  • Red-lid bins are for your general household waste
  • Yellow-lid bins are for recycling household items only

It’s important to put the right items in the right bin. See our complete Red-lid and Yellow-lid bin guide to know the ins and outs.

Learn more about options for recycling household waste items as well as how to get your bin repaired, replaced, upsized or downsized.

Bins are collected throughout the Shoalhaven by SUEZ (Council's contractor).

Red-lid bins

Red-lid bin waste goes straight into landfill.

Red-lid bins are for general domestic mixed waste including:

  • Contaminated paper/cardboard
  • Take-away coffee cups
  • Broken glass, mirrors and crockery
  • Plastic hoses, binding and strapping

Poisons and other hazardous materials:

Items that don’t need to go into your Red-lid bins

  • Food waste and shredded paper – add to your compost
  • Soft plastics – major supermarkets have soft plastics return bins
  • Textiles – reuse as household rags, donate quality clothing

It’s important to put the right items in the right bin. See our complete Red-lid and Yellow-lid bin guide to learn more.

Yellow-lid bins

Yellow-lid bins are for recycling household items including:

  • Glass bottles & jars all colours
  • Paper, flattened cardboard & drink cartons e.g. milk/juice cartons
  • Rigid plastic containers e.g. drink/milk/shampoo/detergent bottles, ice cream containers
  • Plastic containers used for biscuits, meat, take-aways, fruit
  • Steel cans e.g. pet food cans, baked bean tins
  • Aluminium foil & cans
  • Aerosol cans – just take the nozzle off
  • Metal lids


  • Rinse off recyclables with leftover dishwater not freshwater
  • Never put recyclables into a plastic shopping bag as the bag and contents don’t get sorted - they go straight into landfill

Do not put in the yellow-lid bin:

  • Soft plastics including empty bread bags, empty rice, frozen food and pasta packets, cereal box liners and plastic shopping bags. These soft plastics can be returned to the big supermarkets for specialised recycling. A full list of what soft plastics are accepted at the supermarkets can be found at REDcycle
  • Clothing, footwear, blankets and other textiles
  • Garden waste
  • Take-away coffee cups
  • Scrap metal
  • Toys
  • Window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses
  • Ceramic crockery
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Polystyrene
  • Contaminated paper/cardboard e.g. pizza cartons
  • Chemicals and poisons

It’s important to put the right items in the right bin. See our complete Red-lid and Yellow-lid bin guide to learn more.

Putting bins out

Make sure your waste and recycling bins are put out on the kerb the night before bin collection is due.

Bins must be at least one (1) metre from other bins, parked cars, trees, power poles and street signs.

What day are my bins collected?

To find out your bin collection days, go to the My Area page and enter your address details.

Learn more on our Recycling & Waste Collection Days page.

Bin sizes and costs

Different bin sizes are available, and you will find the costs for them on your rates notice.

Each bin service includes a yellow-lid 240 litre recycle bin.

More information is available in our Fees and Charges Booklet.

Bin repairs

All bin repairs are carried out by SUEZ (Council's contractor) at no cost to the resident.

My bin was stolen!

Stolen bins will be replaced free of charge.

Can I change bin size?

Only the property owner can change the size of the bin and an amended Rates Notice will be sent to them with the new rate instalments.

  • To upsize a bin, contact Recycling & Waste Services (Please note: there is an administration fee of $38.50 payable upfront for all bin upsize service requests)

Can I order an extra bin?

Yes. Extra bins can be ordered by the property owner. The minimum period you can keep an extra bin is 6 months.

New homeowners' bins and bin collection

To start a new bin collection (recycling & waste) service the owner of the property must request it.

Once a bin size is chosen, Council will arrange for SUEZ (Council's contractor) to deliver the bins within five (5) working days. The charge will appear on the property rates notice.

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills by re-using, reducing and recycling responsibly.

Recycling helps preserve our beautiful natural environment.

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Last updated on 15 January 2021