Flood Risk in the Shoalhaven


If you are currently being impacted by a flooding event, go to our Emergencies page.

Shoalhaven City Council is committed to sound floodplain management as outlined in the NSW Flood Risk Management Manual (2023).

We actively manage flood prone lands to reduce potential impact and protect our community.

Our flood and coastal management committees assist Council develop and implement Floodplain Risk Management Plans for catchments within the City’s boundaries including:


Flooding: major projects

We aim to minimise damage from flooding to the environment and community assets and impacts by implementing major projects to protect them.

Council invests in research, studies and advice to identify flooding issues from catchment rainfall and lake and ocean surges to assist prioritise major flooding projects.

Major projects to do with flooding can be found on our Major Projects page.

Shoalhaven floods: stories and insights

Part 1 - Flood Stories

Part 2 - Flood Management

Part 3 - What You Can Do

Part 4 - Flood Myths

Catchment (flood & floodplain risk) studies

Shoalhaven City Council has given priority to catchment areas that are at a higher risk of flooding and flood studies have been completed for high priority catchments.

See our flood risk management studies, the plans for high priority catchments and the full study reports.

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