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Bush & wildlife friendly gardens

We can all make a truly positive contribution to the survival of our native fauna and flora by sharing our gardens with the wild creatures of our local bushland.

The greatest threat to our native wildlife is the loss of habitat. The most dramatic impacts on the habitat of our native animals are from weed invasion and land clearing.

Habitat for wildlife has several essential elements that we can easily incorporate into our gardens to help native wildlife suffering from the impacts of habitat loss
  • food
  • nesting sites and materials
  • shelter and protection
  • water
Specific ideas from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service include: 
  • add native plants to your garden to provide natural food sources for birds and butterflies 
  • use leaf mulch on your garden, which is great for worms and tiny bugs 
  • use rocks in your garden to provide a haven or sunny spot for lizards 
  • make gardens along fences to provide safe walkways for small animals 
  • provide fresh water for the benefit of visiting birds 
  • prune and tidy your garden gradually to allow native animals to adjust to new conditions 
  • check for lizards when gardening or mowing to avoid injuring them 
  • use less pesticide in your garden to help protect butterflies, lizards and frogs 
  • install a nest box in a backyard tree to make a home for birds, microbats or possums 
  • keep cats indoors at night to help protect our nocturnal animals 
  • avoid feeding native birds and animals as it cause dietary problems  

External links

Visit the WIRES wildlife friendly gardens page for more information and advice on creating the bush and wildlife friendly garden!

Check out the Birds in Backyards website - a research, education and conservation program of BirdLife Australia. The site includes designs for bird nest box plans.

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