About Council Meetings

Where & when

Get the details about where and when Council’s Ordinary meetings are held and how you can attend. See your local government in action.

An agenda will be available before every meeting and the minutes will be available following the meeting. View all Agendas and Minutes here.

If a meeting is going to be held at a different location it will be announced on the first page of the agenda. 

Council Ordinary meetings are usually held on:

Other committees are:

  • Scheduled when required

Can I attend a Council meeting?

Everyone is welcome to attend Council Ordinary and Council Committee meetings.

You don’t need to reserve a seat or let us know, you can just come along and sit in the gallery and see your Councillors in action.

Occasionally part of a meeting may be deemed confidential and you will be asked to leave the Council Chambers. There are specific reasons for this, for example to allow Council to consider:

  • Private details of individuals
  • Commercial information
  • Or to receive legal advice

You may also apply to address a meeting (make a Deputation) on an item listed on the Agenda.

Code of Meeting Practice

The Code of Meeting Practice sets out the rules for meetings of the Council.

Council’s Code of Meeting Practice reflects the provisions of the Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils in NSW which is made under section 360 of the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021.

The Code applies to:

  • Council meetings
  • All Committees or Advisory Groups comprising of Councillors, Staff or Community members (including Boards) with the exception of the provisions relating to ‘Rising to speak’ and ‘Limitation on the number of times a member may speak’

Council’s Code of Conduct and Procedures are to be read in conjunction with this Code and apply in all respects to conduct at Council and Committee meetings.



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