Due to venue capacity restrictions under COVID-19 NSW Public Health Orders, members of the public are not currently permitted to attend Council meetings. During this time Meeting Deputations will be in the form of a video (submitted by the deputee) or audio file or a written submission.

During these restrictions and in order to facilitate advance viewing of submissions by Councillors with sufficient time to ask questions and consider content and the airing of Deputations publicly, Council’s Deputation provisions outlined in the Code of Meeting Practice have been suspended and the following process will be in place - for more information see the 'How To' tab below.

How To

Step 1.Write or record your submission

Your submission can be either:

  • A Video or Audio File containing a deputation which lasts no longer than three (3) minutes
  • A Written submission no longer than four (4) A4 pages in length

When making a submission:

  • You must refrain from making personal comments or criticisms or revealing any private, sensitive or privileged information
  • You may not make insulting or defamatory statements
  • You may not make personal allegations against Councillors and/or staff or be disrespectful. When such statements are made the deputation will not be posted online or made available to Councillors
  • Submissions must be relevant to the issue on the meeting agenda

There will be no limitation applied to the number of deputations for each item.

Step 2.Please complete the Make a Deputation form and submit by 3.00pm on the day prior to the meeting.

Submissions received by Council prior to the deadline will be made publicly available via YouTube and/or Shoalhaven City Council's Website. Late submissions will not be made publicly available and may not be viewed by Councillors prior to the meeting.

Step 3.Note:

  • Submissions not fitting the above requirements may be determined by the Chairperson to not be a valid deputation.
  • Speakers do not have absolute privilege. Any person submitting a deputation who makes any offensive or defamatory remarks about another person may be personally liable for their actions.

Make a Deputation


Strategy & Assets Committee Meeting - Tuesday 19 January 2021 

SA21.3 - Notice of Motion - Traffic Safety Measures - Wool Road Area, Old Erowal Bay


Toby Bateman

SA21.9 - Concept Design - Bay and Basin Skate Park


Leonard Parsons


Opinions expressed are solely those of the deputees and do not express the views or opinions of Shoalhaven City Council, Employees or Councillors.