Reserve a Burial or Memorial Site

To reserve a burial or memorial site in a Shoalhaven Cemetery, you will need to complete an Interment Right Application. An Interment Right establishes the right to be interred (final placement) within a site in the future. It does not grant ownership, but use of, a burial or memorial site.
Please contact the office to assist in selecting an available location. You will then be provided with an application form and payment details for the selected site.

Once an application is received and payment made, an Interment Right Certificate will be issued. This is a written undertaking by the Shoalhaven City Council to grant the Holder exclusive access to the interment or memorial place described in the Right.
Any unused Interment Rights, where no interment has taken place and where there is no Joint Holder, will form part of the Holder’s estate once they have died.

Burial and memorial options are outlined on each Shoalhaven cemetery page. Please contact us for more information on available sites and assistance in selecting the best option for you. 


Current Interment Right fees can be located on the Shoalhaven City Council Fees and Charges page under the 'Memorial Gardens and Cemeteries' group.

Once a death has occurred, fees in relation to the interment and any monumentation will also be required.