Report, request or provide feedback

If you need to report an issue, request a service, provide feedback, make a complaint or compliment, here's how you can contact Council.


Select from the categories below to contact the right team

Please provide as much information as possible in your feedback.

Providing detailed information upfront will enable our customer service team to offer you a quicker and more effective response.

In Person

Step 1.Preparing for your visit

If you are planning to visit us in person, make sure you have all of your information and supporting documents with you.

If you are unsure if you have everything you need, feel free to call or message us ahead of time.

Step 2.Visiting us

When you are ready, visit one of our customer service counters at either the Nowra City Administration Centre, or the Ulladulla Branch Office.

Nowra City Administration Centre

Ulladulla Branch Office

By Phone

Step 1.During business hours

Call us on 1300 293 111

Step 2.After hours

Call us on 1300 293 111, then press '1' to be transferred to our after hours provider.