Report a barking dog

Council has a step-by-step process for dealing with complaints about barking dogs.

My Neighbour's Dog Barks

If you would like to report a barking dog you will need to follow the process below:

Step 1.Read the process outlined in Council's Information for Affected Neighbours guide

Step 2.Download and complete the Dog Nuisance Barking Diary

Step 3.Fill out the online form and attach your completed Dog Nuisance Barking Diary

Report online

Step 4.Use our Sample letter to inform your Neighbour about a barking dog if you need to or our Barking Dog Flyer for a letterbox drop if you don’t know where the dog lives

My Dog Barks

Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs, however excessive barking can cause a problem for both your neighbours and the well being of your dog. For information on how to manage a barking dog:

Step 1.Download our guide for the Management of a Barking Dog

Step 2.Download our Dog Nuisance Barking Diary

In Person

Step 1.Have your information ready with any supporting documents

Step 2.Visit our customer service counter located at:

Nowra City Administration Centre

Ulladulla Branch Office

Step 3.Collect a Dog Nuisance Barking Diary and Information for Affected Neighbours guide

Step 4.Return the completed diary to our Nowra City Administration Centre or Ulladulla Branch Office