Free garden mulch


Our Recycling and Waste Depots turn your garden waste into a pasteurised (partially sterilised) mulch-like soil product, also referred to as 'shredded garden organics'.

This product is available to Shoalhaven residents for free if you load it yourself. At the weighbridge depots, staff can arrange for the 'mulch' to be loaded into your trailer for a $12 fee (depending on availability of machinery).

How much mulch is available is dependent on how much our Recycling and Waste Depots receive, and how much has been removed by residents.

This mulch suitable for use in your garden and is commonly used in a range of landscaping applications, such as in commercial projects, major developments, highway landscaping and in urban renewal projects.

Composted mulches offer significant environmental benefits, such as:

  • improving plant growth
  • providing essential nutrients
  • lowering irrigation requirements
  • improving the drought tolerance of plants
  • suppressing weeds
  • reducing erosion
  • improving soil structure
  • improving water retention, infiltration and drainage

Further details as to how this type of material is produced, its range of uses and safety tips can be found on the EPA Website. 

Current availability at our depots

Please note: This information is updated weekly and is accurate as of Tuesday 11 June 2024. Council is unable to predict how much may be removed on any day or advise if supply becomes depleted.

Location Estimated m3
Bendalong Recycling and Waste Depot 30
Berry Recycling and Waste Depot 0
Callala Recycling and Waste Depot 0
Huskisson Recycling and Waste Depot 200
Kangaroo Valley Recycling and Waste Depot 0
Kioloa Recycling and Waste Depot 15
Lake Conjola Recycling and Waste Depot 0
Sussex Inlet Recycling and Waste Depot 50
Ulladulla Recycling and Waste Depot 82
West Nowra Recycling and Waste Depot 80

Graphic showing two trailers, one uncovered with debris flying off, and the other covered with a tarp.

Remember to cover your load when leaving the depot. Penalties apply for uncovered loads.

Important legal information

Please make sure you read this information before collecting mulch from our depots.


  1. Shoalhaven City Council (Council) accepts no liability for any loss or damage to property, any economic or consequential losses, any injury or death of persons in connection with, or arising from, the supply, transport or use of shredded garden organics
  2. The recipient of the supply has satisfied themself of the risks associated with the transport and use of shredded garden organics and the need for adequate personal protection and controls and the suitability of the shredded garden organics supplied for the intended purpose


  • Shredded garden organics is a natural product made from the garden organics dropped off at the Council Recycling and Organics Depot from Shoalhaven residents and businesses. Council does not provide any guarantees that it does not contain seeds, organisms, metal or other contaminants
  • As a natural, processed material, it may contain allergens and other micro-organisms which could contribute to skin irritations and respiratory conditions in some people
  • The recipient of the supply accepts the terms of the disclaimer printed on this form
  • The recipient is responsible for the safe loading of the material and its transportation unless otherwise undertaken by Council
  • Council strongly recommends the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling this material including heavy duty gloves, long sleeved shirt and pants, safety glasses, dust mask or other respiratory aids