Find out about our Community Development Officer - Aboriginal (CDOA), Aboriginal Advisory Committee and our Aboriginal Youth Engagement Strategy.

Each have a role in informing Shoalhaven City Council of the needs of our Aboriginal communities.

Walking on Country

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Community Development Officer - Aboriginal (CDOA)

The Community Development Officer - Aboriginal (CDOA) is in the Community & Recreation Team at Shoalhaven City Council.

The CDOA’s role is a vital link between local Aboriginal communities of the Shoalhaven and Council.

The CDOA promotes Council’s facilities and services to the community and provides advice to Council on the issues and needs of Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal Advisory Committee (AAC)

The AAC was established in 1997 to advise Council of the needs of Aboriginal people living in the Shoalhaven.

It gives Aboriginal communities the opportunity to inform and participate in Council decision making.

Aboriginal youth engagement strategy

Shoalhaven City Council’s Aboriginal Youth Engagement Strategy is a guide for those working with Aboriginal young people across a range of community sectors including local government.

It aims to inform how organisations can best work with Aboriginal young people.

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Last updated on 22 October 2021