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Weed management

What is a weed? The term weed means different things to different people.  A good definition of a weed is a plant that is growing out of place or where it is not wanted.

Weeds cost the Australian community around $3.5 billion annually, measured in control cost and lost production. Over 65% of weeds in Australia where introduced legally as attractive garden ornamentals or fruit and flower producing plants.

There are 91 weeds declared as "noxious" in the Shoalhaven, each subject to specific controls. Five weeds representing a significant threat to the natural environment are being targeted across the city with government funding. Other weeds of environmental significance are being treated at the local level.

Environmental weeds
Council implements a large range of works to control environmental weeds on Council managed lands.  These works may involve controlling noxious weeds or other weeds not declared noxious. This is often done in conjunction with Bushcare volunteers.

Noxious weeds
Find out more including what is a noxious weed, why some weeds are declared noxious and your responsibilities under the Noxious Weeds Act.

Pesticide use program
Notification of Council use of pesticides

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A variety of useful web sites related to weeds

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