Feral pest reporting


Council is a public land manager and acts to protect and preserve our natural environment, including the flora (plants) and fauna (animals), and their habitats in the Shoalhaven.

Feral pest animals can threaten native animals and plants, impact livestock production and damage the environment.

Some feral pests across the Shoalhaven region are:

You can help protect our natural environment by reporting feral pests.

What Council does

Council is involved in a range of pest management programs and activities.

These programs and activities help to better manage Council reserves as well as to protect the biological assets and biodiversity of the Shoalhaven environment and landscape.

What you can do

Residents can play an active role to help reduce the impacts of feral pests, including:

  • Record sighting of feral pests and any evidence of impacts and control actions
  • Keep local authorities informed about current feral pest problems
  • Join a landholder group online to keep your members informed about current pest activity
  • Receive alerts and updates about local pest activity
  • Visit Feral Scan or download the Mobile App (instructions below)

Report feral pest activity

You can report feral pest activity through the Feral Scan website.

FeralScan is hosted by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and supports regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups, local Councils, and landholders.


  • Feral Scan
    • Download the Mobile App from App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android
    • Report the exact location and time of the sighting on the map

Reports close to endangered species sites are especially valuable and will be followed up during key time periods.

Report a problem

You can also report feral pest activity to Council: