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What is bushcare?

The aim of the bushcare program is to promote and implement ecologically sustainable management of the natural bushland areas within the City of Shoalhaven by encouraging community ownership of the natural environment and supporting community members becoming actively involved in group activities. Bushcare and similar groups work primarily on Council-managed land, particularly those areas managed as natural areas.

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What do bushcare groups do?

Bushcare groups are a means by which local people and visitors to the Shoalhaven can improve their local environment in a hands-on way. Bushcare groups are involved in the following activities:
  • Bush regeneration/rehabilitation
  • Weed control programs
  • Revegetation
  • Wetland and creek restoration projects
  • Habitat assessment/wildlife corridor restoration
  • Track construction/maintenance
  • Seed collection and propagation
  • Training and education
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How does Council support bushcare groups?

Council is committed to the on-going support of community Bushcare groups by providing:
  • Technical Support - Council employs a full time Shoalhaven Bushcare Coordinator and part-time on-site Bushcare trainers. These staff are committed to assisting Bushcare groups with technical advice, training, project planning, grant applications and supply of equipment and materials as well as with their on-ground works.
  • Public Liability insurance and personal Accident insurance for all approved Bushcare activities and volunteers (aged between 15 and 90 years) working on Council owned or managed land.
  • Provision of materials, tools, herbicide, safety equipment, plants, mulch etc to approved Bushcare activities.
  • Education and training information through regular newsletter, workshops on technical information including herbicide use, native plant identification. weed identification and removal techniques
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Why join Council's bushcare program?

By participating in Bushcare group or project you will be directly contributing to improving your local environment in a hands-on way.
You and future generations will be able to directly enjoy the benefits of your work. As local government is the level of government that works closest to the community, Shoalhaven Council is in a strong position to support local on-ground environmental rehabilitation projects.

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Getting started - organising your bushcare project

Before getting your hands dirty, there are three essential steps you should take: 
  1. Collect information and talk to others - Find out if there is any interest in your project from others in the local area and find who owns the land.
  2. Prepare a plan for your site - This would include defining your aims, and what you are going to do to achieve the aims - Under the Shoalhaven City Council's Bushcare program you are required to prepare a plan for your Bushcare project before starting, the Bushcare staff can assist you with this.
  3. Safety - to make sure your site is safe, and to insure of other volunteers safety isn't compromised Council ask that you attend a short on-site safety induction which will be run by Bushcare staff at your site. 
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Become involved

Anyone is welcome to become involved in Bushcare, including all residents, ratepayers and visitors to the Shoalhaven, local schools, garden clubs, businesses, etc.

There are around 60 Bushcare groups in the Shoalhaven -

find your local bushcare group.

If you are interested in volunteering in Bushcare, please fill out the volunteer expression of interest 

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How you can help without joining a bushcare group

  • Plant local native plants in your garden and avoid planting weedy exotic plants that can be invasive — check out the lists for coastal, pastoral, noxiousurban and worst weeds
  • Do not throw your garden waste or lawn clippings into your local bushland reserve, compost them or dispose of them at your local recycling depot
  • Confine your garden to your property
  • Protect local wildlife by controlling your domestic pets
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Contact us

The Shoalhaven Bushcare Coordinator
Phone: (02) 4429 3592
Email: bushcare@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au

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