Connect with our business community

The overall economic structure of the Shoalhaven is broadly based on a national and international focus. 

Whatever your business and sector there is support, business networking and training available in the Shoalhaven.

Our business community networks are locally focused and deal with business operations in a regional city.

Our business community

Our businesses are ‘proudly Shoalhaven’.

They share a desire to grow their business and expand the economy and have the experience to help others grow.

Shoalhaven Business Chamber and the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association offer networking and business training services.

Business support services

If you are considering moving your business to the Shoalhaven, it's a good idea to ask questions and make enquiries with businesses that are already established in the Shoalhaven.

There are many that have done this before you and will assist you with practical advice and help streamline your next business move.

Several government agencies and contracted services can step you and your business through any approval process or assist with seeking out government grants.

They can also put you in contact with other businesses to help you with supplies, business services and marketing and logistics to market.

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