Legionella control

If you have a water-cooling tower you need to know your obligations to prevent the growth of Legionella.

These systems may spread the bacteria, via tiny water droplets, which when inhaled can cause Legionnaires' disease.

What is legionella?

Legionella is a bacterium known to exist in water cooling towers and there are several species of Legionella that can cause pneumonia. It can be fatal to people with weakened immune systems.

Council’s obligations

Council maintains a register of regulated systems and perform inspections of cooling towers as required by:

Owners responsibilities

Buildings with water-cooling systems must be maintained properly as specified in:

Please note that it is the legal responsibility of the occupier of the premises with a regulated air handling system installed to provide the local authority with reportable test results.

In the event of an outbreak of legionnaires’ disease, the NSW Ministry of Health and Council will require this information as a matter of urgency as part of any subsequent investigation into the source of such an outbreak.


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