Pay a penalty infringement notice

Council officers are authorised to implement a range of regulatory requirements and to issue penalty notices (fines) for parking and other offences. The amount charged for a penalty notice is set by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the NSW Attorney Generals Department.

Councils do not set or amend penalty notice amounts and Councils are unable to change or vary the amount of the penalty notice.
Revenue NSW is the only authority that can process penalty notices.

you’ve been issued with a fine,
either follow the links below or visit Fines - Revenue NSW directly to explore your payment options, including how to pay a fine, request a review of a fine, or view a camera image related to a fine: 

Pay Online

Revenue NSW is the only authority that can process penalty amounts. Please follow the link below to pay your fine through Revenue NSW.

Pay My Fine Online

Request a Review

Step 1.If you have received a penalty notice and would like it reviewed please visit Revenue NSW who administers all penalty notices issued by Council. All submissions for review should be made to Revenue NSW and not directly to Council

Request a Review

Step 2.Revenue NSW consults with Council when required to assist with their review process.

Step 3.Revenue NSW will contact you with the review outcome. 

View Photos

If you have received a penalty notice and would like to view camera images related to it visit Revenue NSW or follow the link below.

View Photos Online

More Information

Council implemented the 'Print and Post' system in June 2022 to issue fines via Revenue NSW.

Shopper docket-style penalty notices are no longer displayed on the vehicle windscreen or posted to you in the mail from Council. Revenue NSW will post the fine to the recipient on Council’s behalf.
Read more about the Print and Post system here.