Bherwerre Wetland Boardwalk - Stage 1

Local contractor GC Civil Pty Ltd has been awarded the contract to construct Stage 1 of this project.


The latest

Bherwerre Wetland Stage 1 boardwalk construction has commenced and works to date include clearing of vegetation for the boardwalks, site compound set up and the installation of the piers for the Alignment A & B and the Viewing Platform. Bearers and Decking will follow on in the coming weeks.

About the project

The boardwalks at Bherwerre Wetland, Sanctuary Point, is one of seven Sustainable Tourism Infrastructure Projects to improve infrastructure around some of the City’s most popular tourist destinations. Council successfully obtained grant funding of $5.3 Million under the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Infrastructure Grant for the sustainable tourism infrastructure projects.

The funding has allowed for Stage 1 works only, which is on the northern side of the canal.

Local contractor GC Civil Pty Ltd are undertaking the construction of the Bherwerre Wetland Boardwalk Stage 1. The current contract will see the construction of an accessible carpark at the end of Park Drive, an accessible boardwalk (393m long x 2m wide) to a viewing platform at the junction of the canal and Cockrow Creek and a boardwalk from Larmer Avenue (420m long x 1.2m wide) to the proposed carpark. Signage and seating will also be included.

Further expansions of the boardwalk are planned for the southern side of the canal, which includes a bridge crossing, and will be implemented as budget becomes available.

The site will be closed during construction – refer to the Boardwalk Construction Stage 1. It is anticipated the boardwalks will be opened in mid-November 2023.