Trees on Private Land

Learn about clearing vegetation, pruning and removing trees on private land as well as how to manage neighbouring overhanging tree limbs.

I would like to clear vegetation on my residential block

Vegetation under 5m height on residential zoned blocks are not considered trees and can be removed without approval.

The Development Control Plan (DCP) Chapter G4 – Tree and Vegetation Management has a policy about trees on residential zoned properties which states that if a tree is within 45 degrees of an approved dwelling it can be removed without approval from Council.

Hollow trees

  • If a tree has hollows, an application must be made to Council and an animal handler must be present to remove any native animal that may inhabit the hollow if approved

Heritage/Scenic Protection/Biodiversity

  • There may be other restrictions on your property such as Heritage, Scenic Protection or Biodiversity Values.  If you are unsure, please contact our Environmental Services Team and an officer can check this for you
  • If the tree on your residential zoned property does not comply with the 45-degree exemption you will be required to apply to council for approval to remove the tree/s

Apply for a permit:

My neighbours trees are very large and I am concerned about them falling on my house

Council does not have any involvement in neighbouring tree issues.

Council only has jurisdiction to provide advice for trees on private land when owners of the trees apply for removal approval.

You may apply to the court under the provisions of the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 which will require that you contact your neighbour first to explain your concerns. Your neighbour’s contact details can be obtained from Council for this purpose. 

Find out more:

Tree limbs that are overhanging your property from another neighbouring tree can be cut to the boundary, subject to whether approval is required. 

It is important to discuss your concerns and plans to remove limbs with the owner of the tree to avoid any disputes arising from proposed removal of limbs. It is advisable to engage a trained arborist to assess and carry out any pruning.

I have a rural property and would like to remove trees / vegetation

If you are removing trees on Rural zoned land you must seek approval through:

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Last updated on 17 June 2020