Buying & Selling

You will find useful information about buying or selling land in the Shoalhaven here, to assist you in making a decision.

This information does not constitute legal advice. In making a decision to buy or sell land, you should seek and be guided by independent legal and professional advice.

Useful buying & selling information


The title of the land to see if there are any restrictions, easements or covenants over the land and what effect they have.


  • A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate which provides information on how the land may be used and restrictions on its development (e.g. flooding, bushfire, coastal hazards)

A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate must be attached to a contract for the sale of the land.


See your site map

View Council’s online mapping for your site, this includes information such as zoning, flooding, bushfire, coastal hazards and other land use and environmental considerations.



It is recommended you consider Council planning instruments and plans:

The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) will give you information on the zoning of the land and what land uses or activities are permissible or prohibited within that zone, including subdivision potential.


The Development Control Plan will provide you with detailed design and planning guidelines that support the planning controls in the LEP, including tree clearing and consideration of threatened species.


The Contributions Plan will give you information on what monetary contributions will be required for certain development.


There are numerous parcels of land in Shoalhaven on which you are not able to build a house. Certain rural, residential and environmental land needs to demonstrate that a dwelling entitlement exists.


Consider rates and water/sewer charges.