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Pet ownership

Pets are much loved members of many Shoalhaven households and Council promotes responsible pet ownership. 

Barking Dogs
Information about barking dogs for owners and neighbours

Complaints about animals
Information about animal related problems such as  roaming/stray animals, attacking animals.

Companion animals
The NSW legislation for companion animals as well as Council's supporting approach. 

Animal shelter & pound
The Shoalhaven Animal Shelter is run by Council. It is the central point in the Shoalhaven for lost pets, surrenders and animal re-homing.

More information about the definition of roaming, stray cats etc.

Change of ownership and other details
How to update your contact details and advise if your pet has been given away, sold or has passed away. 

Keeping of Birds and Poultry

Dangerous, menacing and restricted breeds dogs
To assist you in identifying a restricted breed photos are included on this page.

Lost and found pets
What to do if your pet is lost, or if you have found a pet.

Microchipping and registration
What you need to know about identifying your pet and lifetime registration.

Off leash and prohibited areas
Details of off leash and prohibited areas for dogs. Dog friendly areas include selected parks and beaches. 

Meetings & Agendas

View all agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings.
Agendas & Minutes

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