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Every year Shoalhaven City Council makes funds available enabling community groups, organisations and, under some funding, individuals, to design, implement and complete projects that support and enhance the lives of residents of the Shoalhaven.

Annual Community Grant Programs have been developed to align with the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan and all applications must refer to the objectives and strategies of the Community Strategic Plan.

The table below provides a summary of Annual Community Grant Programs and the relevant Council contact Officer for each category. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant Council contact on (02) 4429 3111 to discuss their project and its eligibility prior to submitting an application. 


Category Grant Amount Council Contact Dates

Community Grants Program

Up to $2,000

Community Development Unit 

Closed for 2019 / 2020 FY

Seniors Festival Grant Program   

Up to $300 Community Development Unit Closed for 2020
Youth Week 2020

Youth Week Grant Program

Up to $1,000 Community Development Unit Closed for 2020

Nowra CBD Access Improvement Financial Assistance Program

Max $5,000 Community Development Coordinator

Closed for 2019

ClubGRANTS 2019 Application


  Community & Recreation Administrative Assistant

Postponed until further notice

Dan Murphy Grants Program

Up to $10,000

Community Development Unit

Closed for 2020
Reopening 2022


Shoalhaven Arts Board Grants

Guidelines & Application

Up to $3,000 Arts & Culture Manager Shoalhaven Regional Gallery

Open Now

Closes 8 May 2020


Sports Grants Program

Sports Grants Program (Capital Works)

Up to $50,000 Infrastructure Officer Opened until 5pm 30 June 2020

Precincts Marketing Application

Precincts Marketing Guidelines

Up to $5,000

Tourism Manager  

Infrastructure Development Grants Application

Infrastructure Development Grants Guidelines

Up to $5,000 Tourism Manager  

General Information

Prospective applicants are advised to become familiar with the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan Shoalhaven 2023, Standard Community Funding Guidelines and specific guidelines/criteria relevant to each funding stream. This should be done prior to completing the application form.

In addition, Council provides information to assist organisations seeking Community driven projects on Council land and Public Reserves.

Standard Guidelines

Community Grants offered by Shoalhaven City Council enable community groups, organisations (and in the case of some Arts Grants) individuals to design, implement and complete projects that enhance the lives of residents of the Shoalhaven.

The lodging of an application is not a guarantee of funding. Each application will be assessed on its merit.

Where possible those lodging unsuccessful applications will be advised of alternate funding possibilities.

To be considered an application must conform to the goals and strategies of the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan. Applicants are advised to refer to this strategy in the application.

Tourism applications will also need to refer to the Shoalhaven Tourism Master Plan.

Social Infrastructure applications will also need to refer to the Shoalhaven Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan.

An Evaluation and Financial Acquittal of the funded purpose is required. This will include a breakdown of how the funding was spent, receipts (where possible) and number of participants. This is due at the completion of the project. If this step is not complied with the organisation will not be eligible for further funding until the Evaluation and Financial Acquittal is returned.

The organisation receiving financial assistance will publicly acknowledge Council's assistance on any promotional material associated with the project.

Eligible for Funding

  • The applicant must be a community not for profit organisation (or individual- Arts Board Grants only)
  • The project must seek to provide primarily to benefit residents and/or visitors to the Shoalhaven
  • Organisations seeking funding must be legally constituted or auspiced by an incorporated association
  • Each project can only be funded by one grant category. Applicants are advised to choose the grant category that best suits the project
  • Applicants must demonstrate that all relevant approvals have been obtained.

Not Eligible for Funding

  • Any organisation which has not acquitted any prior funding from Council
  • Projects requesting retrospective funding for monies that have already been expended or works completed
  • Funding of maintenance / operations items / provision of machinery
  • Funding towards any unlawful or irresponsible purposes
  • Funds that will be distributed to other organisations or people in the form of a donation, gift or prize
  • Projects that are the responsibility of other government bodies
  • The organisation requesting financial assistance should not be a political party or associated either directly or indirectly with any political party whether registered or not
  • Applications will not be accepted from government agencies and/or authorities

Applications must include:

  1. A completed application form, ensuring that all details have been provided.
  2. The organisation's latest audited financial statement, or where an organisation is not subject to audit requirements, a statement of income and expenditure over the past 12 months must be provided.
  3. A copy of the organisation's most recent Annual Report
  4. A copy of the organisation's constitution or Statement of Aims and Objectives if a new applicant, or where these details have changed since a previous application
  5. All other relevant information has been attached e.g. quotes.

Funding Programs

Community Funding

Donations Policy & Application for Financial Assistance / Donation

Council's Donations Policy, Guidelines and application form for General Donations which enhance the cultural, social, sporting or community services provision within the Shoalhaven can be downloaded here.

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