Rates via Email

Council is asking ratepayers to register an email address and 'Opt-in' to receive their Rates and Instalment Notices electronically.

With the increased cost of postage and longer delivery times, electronic delivery is quicker and more convenient, it also helps Council reduce its carbon footprint.

Opt-in to receive your Rates notices via email

By opting in for electronic delivery of your notices:

  • You will now receive your Rates and Instalment Notices as a link to an Adobe PDF file sent to your nominated email address
  • You will no longer receive a physical copy by regular post

This service will provide a faster, more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to paper notices.

How to Opt-in:

  • Fill in the online form below
  • You need to fill out this form for each property you own in the Shoalhaven Local Government area

Rates via email form

Click here to view.

Privacy statement

  • The personal information on this form is required by Council for updating records. We will only use your personal information for this and related purposes. If this information is not provided, we may not be able to deal with this matter. You may access and/or amend your personal information at any time

How we use this information is explained in our Privacy Management Plan.

Terms & conditions

  1. Council will no longer mail paper Rates or Instalment notices to you, or any person to whom paper notices for the nominated property were previously sent
  2. All future Rates or Instalment notices will be in the form of an email, with a link to an Adobe PDF file of the notice, sent to the address nominated by you
  3. You must advise any other person to whom the paper Rates or Instalment notices are currently being sent that they will no longer receive paper Rates or Instalment notices as a result of your request. Council will not be responsible for providing this notification
  4. You agree that you are deemed to have received the email when it reaches your internet service provider, whether or not you have opened or read the email
  5. You agree that you will retain the Rates or Instalment notice information yourself electronically or by printing it. Council will not reissue notices that have been emailed
  6. You can withdraw your request for email delivery of Rates or Instalment notices at any time by deregistering on Council’s website
  7. You are responsible for keeping your email address up to date with Council. If you change your email address you must deregister and reregister with your new details
  8. The delivery of Rates or Instalment notices via email will be cancelled if any owner of the nominated property or their authorised agent requests cancellation
  9. Upon withdrawal or cancellation of the email delivery service, Council will commence sending paper Rates or Instalment to the last advised mailing address for that property
  10. If Council receives a ‘bounce-back’ notification from your email address, a paper Rates or Instalment notice will be sent to your last advised mailing address for the property. If two or more consecutive ‘bounce-backs’ occur, Council may cancel the request for email delivery of Rates or Instalment notices for that property. An ‘out of office’ notification will not be considered a ‘bounce-back’ notification
  11. In the event that debt recovery is required on your rates accounts, these notices will be posted to the last recorded mailing address for that property

Important information

Using an 'out of office' or similar notification for change of email address will not be deemed sufficient to have advised Council for a change of email address as Rates or Instalment notices are sent from a mailing house and not directly from Council.

By registering to receive notices by email, this will only apply to all future notices. Council is unable to email any previous notices to you.

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Last updated on 08 February 2021