Neighbourhood Noise

The quickest and cheapest way to try to fix a problem is to talk with your neighbour.

If the problem persists, contact a Community Justice Centre. The government-funded but independent organisation specialises in settling neighbour disputes without getting into lengthy or expensive legal processes. The process is free and has a high success rate.

A complaint can be made to Council if you are not able to resolve the problem. It is important to keep records of all relevant details, including action already taken and the offending property address. If you are affected by offensive noise, that an authorised officer cannot hear, you can seek a noise abatement order.

Managing neighbourhood noise

To understand how to resolve neighbourhood noise view:

How you can seek a noise abatement order view:

Noisy animals?

If you are impacted by noise from animals, you can lodge a complaint with Council:

Report a noise complaint

Before contacting Council, it’s important that you complete the noise diary log for a period of 10 days. The information you provide within the noise diary log will help us to give you the appropriate advice, which may also be used as evidence should we need to take any formal action on your behalf.

Council can only assist and take action on your behalf if the presence of offensive noise has been established. You must be willing to provide records and statements about the noise impacting you. We cannot investigate anonymous complaints.

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Last updated on 20 September 2022