Indian Myna Bird Control


The Indian Myna (also known as the Common Myna) bird is not considered a feral pest.

Indian Myna birds breed from August to March and during their breeding season they compete with and evict native birds from their nesting spots, reducing habitat for native birds and some mammals (sugar gliders).

Shoalhaven residents can play a part in helping native birds and mammals thrive.

What Council does

Council encourages residents to take small steps around their homes to prevent nesting and breeding of Indian Mynas in the Shoalhaven.

What you can do

Residents in the Shoalhaven can:

  • Plant native plants to encourage reliable areas for nesting and a good food source for our native birds as native shrubs offer opportunities for small native birds to nest
  • Reduce roosting opportunities for Indian Myna’s around the home
    • If you notice an Indian Myna bird nesting in the roofs or eaves of your house, block off those holes to reduce their opportunities for breeding to help reduce their numbers
    • Make sure Mynas can’t access pet food or other potential food sources

Also, several men’s sheds sell Myna bird traps.

Report a problem

You can also report Indian Myna bird issues to Council:

Last updated on 17 June 2020