Shoalhaven Family Day Care

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Shoalhaven Family Day Care is a high-quality home-based education and care service that offers families and children a flexible home learning environment.

You will find our education program, service, costs and enrolment steps explained here.

Key to our service is providing children with opportunities to form genuine long-lasting bonds with their qualified and dedicated early childhood educator.

Our philosophy

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Our aims of service

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Our service explained

We provide education and care for babies and children up to 12 years of age where siblings are cared for together all in one location.

Care is available during standard hours, before/after school, during school holidays and in some cases evenings, overnight and weekends.

Our qualified family day care educators offer individual and group learning experiences and programs based on children’s interests and strengths.

These learning experiences include self-help, social, emotional, STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics), critical thinking, learning through play, gross motor, fine motor, music, language/literacy and reflect the diversity of our community.

A dedicated preschool program and transition to school plan is available for 4-year-old children.

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Family day care educators

Our qualified educators and dedicated Family Day Care Co-ordination Units provide:

  • Quality care
  • Professional educational programs

Our educators comply with the following:

  • Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Law
  • Family Assistance Law
  • Ministry of Health
  • Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)
  • Shoalhaven City Council policy & procedures
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS) compliance
  • Shoalhaven Family Day Care (SFDC) policy & procedures
  • NSW Food Authority
  • Rural Fire Authority
  • Various Australian standards and codes

All our educators are managed and supported by Council’s Family Day Care Co-ordination Unit.

Interested in becoming a family day educator? Read our Prospective Educator Handbook.

To find out more, contact us on (02) 4429 5610 or email

How much does family day care cost?

Enrolment fee (per annum):

  • $31.50 - 1st child
  • $26.25 - 2nd child
  • $21.00 - 3rd child
  • Free - 4th child

Hourly rate:

  • SFDC educators operate as a home-based early childhood service under a deregulated fee system where, as a small business, they set their own fees according to the services provided. These fees are currently between $8.00-$20.00 per hour.
  • Family Day Care Family Administration Fee - currently $1.60 per hour per child.

You can apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to reduce your daily fee.

How do I enrol?

There's four (4) steps to enrol your child into Shoalhaven Family Day Care.

  1. You need to complete a request for care form
  2. Submit your request for care form to:
  3. One of our Child Development Coordinator’s (CDC) will contact you to let you know when a position is available and ask you to complete an enrolment form
  4. One of our Child Development Coordinators will work with you to answer any of your questions and to ensure all required paperwork is completed before commencement of care

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Council’s Family Day Care program has been delivering an outstanding service to children and families in the Shoalhaven for over 40 years.


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