Walking on Country


Beautifully filmed in the Shoalhaven, ‘Walking on Country’ captures the unique experience of what connection to Country means to the individual Shoalhaven Aboriginal community members.

This short film highlights a strong message that cultural heritage is a vital element of Aboriginal people’s identity, spiritual beliefs and affinity to the cultural landscape.

‘Walking on Country’ celebrates the cultural vibrancy and rich heritage of the film participants who share their ‘living culture’ with us. Connection to Country is who we are, past, present, and future.

‘Walking on Country’ also ties in very well with the NAIDOC Week 2020 theme, ‘Always was and Always will be’.

NAIDOC Week is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and a chance to acknowledge Aboriginal people’s continuing our history, culture and achievements. NAIDOC Week 2020 celebrations have been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Project background

The ‘Walking on Country’ project was visioned and developed by Shoalhaven City Council to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of Aboriginal community members in the Shoalhaven region, in partnership and collaboration with community members. It was proudly supported by the NSW Government - Heritage NSW.

Cultural heritage is an essential element of Aboriginal people's identity and lifestyle today.

‘Walking on Country’ presents this living cultural heritage that continues to encompass practices and beliefs that have evolved from the oldest living culture in the world.

Aboriginal people each have their own personal perspective of what Connection to Country means to them and ‘Walking on Country’ aims to showcase This individual and deeply personal perspective with the world.