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The Shoalhaven region provides an awesome backdrop to stage a broad-spectrum of events. Located on the beautiful NSW south coast we are bordered by mountains, coastal plains and 100 magnificent beaches with 49 towns and villages.

We are the No. 1 destination for overnight visitation in New South Wales outside of Sydney.

Travelling to this beautiful coastal destination is easy from:

  • Sydney - a two hour drive south of 160 kilometres
  • Canberra - a two-and-a-half-hour drive north of around 200 kilometres
  • Wollongong - just over a one hour drive south of 78 kilometres

Our proximity to these huge domestic markets makes the Shoalhaven a popular event destination.

Our dedicated Events Team works closely with organisers to make sure events are safe and successful, and run smoothly across all our superb venues and facilities in the Shoalhaven.

Please note: Event applications must be returned to events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au 90 days in advance of your event.


Our events team will support you

Our Events Team supports event organisers, including:

  • Corporate groups
  • Community groups
  • Sport & Recreation groups
  • Individuals

We offer information, advice and access to a range of resources and services, including:

  • Information on how to book a venue, park or reserve
  • Event guidance to host your own activities, including assistance with temporary road closures, council approvals, risk plans, food safety and waste management
  • Introductions to local agencies and community organisations
  • Tourism Event Support Program
  • Free event listing (conditions apply) on the Shoalhaven Tourism events page

Event application and planning

We are here to help you stage a great event. Our Events Team can provide helpful information and assistance ahead of your event including:

  • Event planning
  • Booking venues, sports grounds and facilities
  • How to promote your event
  • How to gain sponsorship
  • How to conduct post-event evaluation
  • Risk management
  • Crowd management
  • Traffic management
  • Food & alcohol requirements
  • Fundraising
  • Use of fireworks
  • Noise control
  • Other regulations and requirements

If you would like to hold an event in the Shoalhaven, please complete an Event Application form and email it to our Events Team (events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au).

Your completed Event Application form gives us the initial information we need to get the process started for you, for example, we forward relevant details to appropriate sections of Council for assessment.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your event in more detail, please reach out to our Events team at events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au.

Police notifications

The event organiser will be required to submit a NSW Police Notice and Request for Services form to the Police. The event organiser can access the form via the Events Team (events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au).

All traffic documents will also need to be submitted to Police (scpderecords@police.nsw.gov.au) by the event organiser.

Any Council approval is subject to Police approval and will be made void if Police issue an objection, or their conditions are not met.

Traffic management approvals

Traffic management

For all road closures, traffic stoppages or changed traffic conditions, Shoalhaven City Council will require you to submit traffic management plans showing how you intend to manage this part of your event. Your traffic plans must include:

  • Locations of road closures
  • Timings of road closures and re-openings
  • How you will manage the road closures and openings
  • Impact on public transport operators and routes.

When submitting your traffic management plan, you will also be required to submit your event site plan, risk management plan, Certificate of Currency and appropriate traffic guidance schemes (traffic control plans).

Class 1 and 2 events will be referred to the Local Traffic Committee for assessment, which comprises representatives from Shoalhaven City Council, NSW Police, RMS, a local councillor and the local state member of Parliament.

Please ensure your traffic management plans are sent to council 90 days prior to your event to allow for meeting schedules of the committee, as well as the notification period for NSW Police.

All event organisers must refer to the Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events when considering traffic impacts. Compiled by the NSW Police, Local Government and Roads and Maritime Services, the guide points out statutory requirements where they exist and makes best-practice recommendations where they do not.

How to submit your traffic plans

Traffic management plans need to be submitted via a Section 138 application, this is required for events or works in the road reserve. A how-to guide has been listed in the related documents below to assist you in submitting your application.

Please submit the application and the following supporting documentation through the through the NSW Planning Portal:

  • S138 Application
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Traffic management plan
  • Traffic Guidance Schemes (traffic control plans) - Prepared by a person holding the appropriate RMS accreditation
  • Event site plan

When entering the address, please use Lot/DP number. You must check the ‘Land adjacent to selected lot’, ‘Lot/Section/Plan’ and ‘Primary address?’ buttons. 

All event plans including traffic management documents also need to be submitted to the Events Team (events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au).

A development application (DA) may be needed

An event may require a Development Application (DA) to be submitted and approved by Council.

If you are running a new event or your event is on private land, we suggest you contact Council's Duty Planner to see if a DA is required.

Your event may require several sections of Council, and external bodies to be involved in the approval process, so the DA must be prepared well ahead of time.

Please allow a minimum of three (3) months for Council approval, it is recommend to discuss your event with Council six (6) to twelve (12) months out from your event date.

Get more details:

List your event to promote it!

You can choose one of two ways to list your event on our Shoalhaven Tourism website.

A listing will take around twenty minutes to create in either instance and you will need a description, an image (not a logo or poster), ticketing or pricing information and contact details. You may also include a website and social media profiles if you have them.

Before you create a listing, it’s worth having a search on the Shoalhaven Tourism events page to check your event hasn’t been listed by someone else.

1. List your event on Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) website, also known as Get Connected

a) An ATDW listing is free and takes around twenty minutes to create. If you are registering a new account, you will need general details of your organisation.

An ATDW listing is best if you want your event to be featured on multiple sites, for example:

b) Your event is tourism based and big enough to warrant a little extra time setting up the listing.

ADTW listing advantages include:

  • Submitting your event information once for multiple website placements
  • Your event can be renewed and updated annually
  • It is a database we and other tourism organisations use to pull event listings from

Complete ATDW submission form:

2. List your event on the Shoalhaven Tourism website only

Your event must be approved by our Tourism Marketing Team to feature on our site.

A Shoalhaven Tourism website only listing is best when:

  • You want your event to be listed only on our Shoalhaven Tourism website
  • You prefer a slightly easier process and are not concerned it will reach fewer people
  • You are aware featured events must suit the tourism market and attract out of area visitors

Submit your event:

Get more details:

Business events and conferences

Spoil and reward your delegates by bringing them to our stunning Shoalhaven region.

From our beautiful rural townships of Berry and Kangaroo Valley in the north, to Shoalhaven's commercial hub, Nowra, across the popular seaside townships surrounding Jervis Bay to Ulladulla, and south to Bawley Point, the Shoalhaven offers a banquet of choice.

Choose from an array of venues to meet your upcoming business, conference or accommodation needs, and the countless opportunities for outdoor recreation activities for groups.

Get more details:

Find out more:

Firework displays

SafeWork NSW must approve fireworks events.

For more information visit:

An event application or park booking will likely be required as part of your approval process from Council, please ensure you contact our events team (events@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au) to discuss your firework display.

Tourism event support program

Shoalhaven City Council recognises the importance of Events in growing the Visitor Economy and driving off-season visitation. Through the Tourism Event Support Program Council invites event organisers to apply for funding through a formal application process.

Find out more:

Filming and photography in the Shoalhaven

If you are filming your Council approved event you do not need to apply for a separate filming and photography permit as this will have been assessed in your event application process.

A permit is required

If you are wanting to film or do photography in the Shoalhaven region you do need to apply for a filming and photography permit from Council.

Filming and photography application

Our Events Team will send you a filming and photography application form:

Mobile and temporary food stalls

The event organiser must ensure that the below information is submitted to the Environmental Services Team at least ten (10) working days prior to the event to enable sufficient time for assessment and administrative processing.

The event organiser must ensure that all mobile food or temporary food operators have obtained a Section 68 approval under the Local Government Act (1993) to operate in the Shoalhaven City Council Local Government Area.

To assist organisers with this, a blanket application where all food operators are captured under the one (1) Section 68 approval can be submitted. Refer to the example excel spreadsheet (below) outlining the required information to be included as an attachment in the submission:

Lodge your submission through the NSW Planning Portal

Lodge online via NSW Planning Portal