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The Shoalhaven boasts numerous scenic walks, with varying levels of difficulty, catering for those who enjoy a lazy stroll through to tracks to keep the keenest hiker on their toes. Choose a walk (new window).

Shoalhaven Bike Plan

The vision of the Shoalhaven Bike Plan is:
To create a safe and accessible bike route network that builds on exhisting assets and works towards connecting key cycling destinations and encourages people of all ages to use their bikes for everyday transportation and recreation.

To achieve this vision the Plan is based on six key outcomes areas, being:

  • Bike friendly streets and roads
  • Safety and education
  • Connecting to public transport
  • Start, on-route and destination facilities
  • Promotion to residents and visitors; and
  • Leadership and advocacy

The bike route network detailed in the plan and its supporting maps will be challenging for Council to fully deliver due to its extensive coverage and requirement for a long term funding commitment.  To meet this challenge, actions and priority projects identified in the plan will continue to be implemented as funding sources are identified ( including grant funding) and/or in-kind assistance provided by community groups. The Shoalhaven Bike Plan was adopted by Council on 17th December 2013.

View the Shoalhaven Bike Plan
View the Shoalhaven Bike Plan's supporting maps

Popular cycling routes in the Shoalhaven

The rural City of Shoalhaven stretches along the coast from Berry and Kangaroo Valley south to the Clyde River (almost to Batemans Bay), and deep into the mountainous, remote forests of eastern NSW. There is a huge area of rugged wilderness, as well as closely settled farming areas, large towns and many small villages on beaches and bays along the coast.

Cycling in a rural area needs more thought and preparation than town trips. The routes connecting major population centres carry heavy traffic, and few have special provisions for cyclists. On the other hand, if you ride away from the main roads, using the many beautiful bush routes, with little traffic you need to be totally self sufficient.

Please pack carefully and plan your ride

Bicycle Information Report a Hazard

A01 Berry (PDF 125kb) - Circuit - Sealed road through gentle countryside to Seven Mile Beach's national Park, picnic area and surf 

A02 Berry (PDF 173kb) - One-Way - Back Roads and main roads with valley scenery, and passing some popular attractions including wineries. 

A03 Berry (PDF 140kb) - One-Way - A hill-climb challenge for the experienced rider, with rewards of excellent views and fast descents. 

A04 Kangaroo Valley (PDF 210kb) – Circuit - Explore the rural landscapes of upper Kangaroo Valley, following a beautiful river, with swimming holes. Extension to end of road becomes medium MTB. 

A05 Kangaroo Valley (PDF 279kb) - One-Way - The Mount Scanzi Road through Bugong Gap offers variety and some steep terrain. No services between ends. Return ride is also MH. 

A06 Fitzroy Falls (PDF 251kb) – One-Way - A classic MTB ride, Meryla Pass is down, but there is a demanding climb back out to Jacks Corner. Most of the route is closed to motor vehicles. 

A07 Nowra (PDF 175kb) – Circuit - Following the Shoalhaven River through farmland, small settlements and ferry to the Nature Reserve of Comerong Island - an excellent introductory ride. 

A08 North Nowra (PDF 193kb) – Circuit - After the cycle-path and sealed roads, the gradients and road conditions become more difficult towards the river lookouts - features a winery on the home run. 

A09 South Nowra (PDF 248 kb) – Circuit - Coastal forest route to Jervis Bay which requires careful map reading. Some rough surfaces but the Bay justifies the bumps. 

A10 South Nowra (PDF 192kb) – Circuit - An accessible ride, offering forest trails, cycle-path and sealed roads, with exceptional views of the coastal plain, naval air base and Aviation Museum. 

A11 South Nowra (PDF 157kb) – Circuit - A taste of off-road for all the family through Shoalhaven Forest, accessible by cycle friendly roads and dedicated paths. 

A12 Nowra (PDF 136kb) – Circuit - A relatively easy excursion into the bush west of Nowra, with broad views over Shoalhaven River. 

A13 Nowra (PDF 269kb) – Circuit - Getting away from most human activity into the bush on the escarpment west of Nowra, returning beside the Shoalhaven River. 

A14 Nowra (PDF 137kb) - One-Way -To Huskisson - the southern gateway to Jervis Bay to visit exceptional natural areas, historic sites and places to indulge yourself. Be tempted to stay a while. 

A15 Huskisson (PDF 197kb) – Circuit - The Bay-Basin cycle path features in this ride, with great views over Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, and back-country links to the start. 

A16 Huskisson (PDF 177kb) – Circuit - A leisurely couple of hours to access beautiful beaches facing north across Jervis Bay, to swim or just relax. 

A17 Booderee NP (PDF 199kb) – Circuit - Immerse yourself in the original bushland of the peninsula, with wild flowers and vistas to make the stops memorable. Check tides for the beach section. 

A18 Tianjara Falls (PDF 147kb) - One-Way - From deep in the Morton National Park to the coastal forests, lakes and beaches. A big ride for good conditions. 

A19 Tianjara Falls (PDF 170kb) - One-Way - Another classic MTB challenge, from the mountains to the sea, through coastal and rain forests, to a beautiful sheltered beach at Bendalong.

A20 Sussex Inlet (PDF 156kb) – Circuit - For all levels of fitness, an encounter with the coastal beauty and wildlife, mostly on paths and quiet back roads. 

A21 Cudmirrah (PDF 160kb) – Circuit - The "Walter Hood" monument, recording the ship's wreck, stands on an isolated stretch of coast, with access through peaceful forests. 

A22 Cudmirrah (PDF 218kb) - One-Way - A bigger excursion into the forests, trails and beaches between Bendalong and Swan Lake, including the "Walter Hood" shipwreck memorial. 

A23 Milton (PDF 227kb) - One-Way - From Milton's busy tourist and historic village, through to some slow rolling hills, coastal vistas and a downhill run to Burrill Lake, south of Ulladulla.

A24 Milton (PDF 182kb) - One-Way - Another more demanding run from Milton, but with even more sweeping views, varied rural pursuits and little traffic for the long downhill run to Termeil. 

A25 Milton (PDF 161kb) – Circuit - A taste of urban riding around Milton, Ulladulla and Mollymook - accessible with cycle-ways in the busier parts of town. 

A26 Ulladulla (PDF 250kb) - Circuit - An urban exploration through the hidden Millards Creek cycleway, out to the lighthouse and back to the harbour. 

A27 Ulladulla (PDF 100kb) - Circuit - Town riding to discover the coastal views of Ulladulla, Mollymook and Narawallee. Good to mix with swimming or refreshments al fresco. 

A28 Termeil (PDF 122kb) – Circuit - Forest trails and coastal road riding, to take in the huge views at Kioloa and Bawley Point. Plenty of options for stops along the way. 

A29 Pigeon House (PDF 346kb) - One-Way - To Milton, as one of a pair of rides from Pigeon House Mountain - with great valley and coastal views, but not all downhill. 

A30 Pigeon House (PDF 180kb) - One-Way - To Kioloa, the second ride beginning from Pigeon House Mountain - a great MTB challenge with exceptional scenery and a beautiful beach as the prize. 

A31 Shallow Crossing (PDF 285kb) - Circuit - Riding to Mogood Lookout and back to the valley floor, provides spectacular views and great riverside rest around the Clyde River, but this is serious riding.

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