Shoalhaven Libraries unveils Draft Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Published on 24 January 2024

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Shoalhaven Libraries is excited to announce the release of its Draft Strategic Plan 2024-2027, setting the course for the library's direction and initiatives over the next three years. 

The previous Strategic Plan, covering the years 2021-2023, successfully steered Shoalhaven Libraries through a challenging period marked by bushfires, floods, and the global pandemic.  

The organisation has revisited and updated its strategic vision to align with emerging trends and community needs. This comprehensive plan was crafted through extensive research, including industry trends analysis, case studies, and best practices.  

Shoalhaven Libraries conducted a customer survey, gathering valuable insights on what patrons value most, areas for improvement, and future service expectations. Additionally, staff engagement, workshops, and a SWOT analysis further informed the strategic planning process. 

Crucially, the Shoalhaven Libraries Strategic Plan 2024-2027 is intricately linked to Council's broader Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program Operational Plan, and budget. It actively contributes to the overarching theme of 'Resilient, Safe, Accessible, and Inclusive Communities.' 

Key performance indicators have been established to gauge the plan's success, including high customer satisfaction ratings, increased event attendance and visits, a rise in digitised items, and the successful completion and implementation of policies and plans. 

The Draft Shoalhaven Libraries Strategic Plan 2024-2027 is available for review on the Get Involved webpage's document library.  

Visit the Shoalhaven Libraries Strategic Plan 2024-2027 Get Involved webpage to share your thoughts before it closes on Friday 23 February 2024.