How to report illegal waste dumping

Published on 16 August 2022

Report Illegal Dumping - Echidna.jpg

We’re asking the community to help stop the Shoalhaven from becoming a dumping ground for illegal waste.

We can all play our part, if you spot illegal waste dumping such as used household items, old tyres, green waste or construction waste – report it. 

It’s quick, easy and can be done on your mobile phone:

  • Snap a photo
  • Upload it
  • Tag the location

We investigate ALL reports of illegal waste dumping, and remind the community that fines apply for individuals and corporations caught illegally dumping waste in the Shoalhaven.

Help us keep our region a pristine place to live, work and play.  

If you spot illegal waste dumping, please report it on the Report Illegal Dumping (RID) webpage.

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