Escabags now available at Council facilities

Published on 23 November 2021


Shoalhaven City Council are supporting people escaping domestic violence situations in their first steps to freedom by providing Escabags that are now available at Council facilities.  

The ‘Escabags’ are free, tote bags kindly made with love by volunteers. They are filled with the necessities that survivors of abuse and their children may need when initially leaving a dangerous or abusive situation. 

There are two types of Escabags available. One for a single adult and one for a parent and child. Each Escabag contains high-quality products, including toiletries, comfort items, tea bags, books, sanitary items, nappies, dummies and other essentials.  Having lived through escaping unsafe home situations, the team at Escabags understand the importance of feeling comforted and worthy in a crisis. The high-quality products in these bags were chosen as essentials needed for those who have had to leave their belongings behind to look for refuge. Escabags are not gender-specific and, by providing two variations, single adult and parent and child, they cater for all. 

Leaving an unsafe situation can be hard and incredibly stressful. These bags aim to take some of the pressure off and let the person know there is help available to them.  

We hope to help our community to feel supported so they can find a way to safety and set out on the road to healing and recovery. To receive a bag, and be connected with organisations who can support you and get you to a safe place, simply walk into any Council facility (listed below) and find a member of staff who will be happy to provide you with an Escabag and help you find a safe place.  

Council staff are equipped with information on local services to assist you to find a safe refuge and help you to make contact with the right people. You are not alone, there is always help out there for anyone who needs it; we encourage you to  ask.  

Available Facilities: 

  • Nowra Administration Building and Ulladulla Branch Office 
  • Shoalhaven Family Day Care Offices 
  • Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre 
  •  Swim Sport and Fitness Centres, including: 
  • Nowra Aquatic Centre 
  • Shoalhaven Indoor Sports Centre (Bomaderry)  
  • Bay and Basin Leisure Centre 
  • Ulladulla Leisure Centre  
  • Shoalhaven Libraries – Ulladulla, Sanctuary Point and Nowra  
  • Shoalhaven Regional Gallery.  

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic violence, or would like to escape from an unsafe home environment, call the free 24/7 NSW Domestic Violence Line on 1800 65 64 63. 

Caseworkers on the Domestic Violence Line can help you: 

For more information, visit the NSW Government website.  

Full stock lists of Escabags can be found Escabags Stockists - Escabags | Free Escape Bags for Domestic Violence Survivors.  

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