Being a responsible dog owner

Published on 16 September 2022


Every year Council Rangers respond to hundreds of calls regarding stray and lost dogs. Roaming dogs can be a traffic hazard and a serious safety issue for both your pet and humans. 

Council has zero tolerance for unregistered dogs, dog attacks and unsafe dog behaviour. Register your dog for life by six months of age and pay the one-off fee online at or through Council. Registering and keeping your dog’s details up to date is a legal requirement. 

Ensure your dog is microchipped and desexed, to prevent unwanted litters, roaming and other health benefits that you can learn about from your vet.  

Shoalhaven City Council Lead Ranger, Tony Pearman said, “the message is simple. Chip, snip and register your dog, and take responsibility for their behaviour at home and when you’re out and about.” 

“Make sure they’re microchipped so they can be returned to you safely if lost and always keep them on a lead unless you are in one of our many designated dog off-leash areas in the Shoalhaven.” 

“When you meet your fury friend’s basic needs with love and care it will be returned to you tenfold with loyalty. Just remember, they’re part of your pack,” Tony said.  

Be a good neighbour at home by learning how to train your dog with positive reinforcement. If barking becomes a problem, check out Council's dog barking information and keep your fencing secure to prevent escapes. Sadly, most dog attacks within Shoalhaven occur in local neighbourhoods.  

Ensure your dog gets regular exercise, environmental stimulation and learns to socialise with other dogs and people. At all times, they need to wear a collar with your contact number and be on a lead unless in an off-leash area. Whether your dog is on or off-leash, your dog is your responsibility and needs to be kept under effective control.  

We would like to remind dog owners that it’s their responsibility to effectively manage their pets.  

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