Grants & Funding


Each year Shoalhaven City Council makes funds available for community groups, organisations and, under some funding, individuals to:

  • Design, implement and complete projects that support and enhance the lives of residents of the Shoalhaven

Annual Community Grant Programs have been developed to align with the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan and all applications must refer to these objectives and strategies. For an overview of what Community Grants are coming up view:

Community Donations Program

Applications have now closed for the 2022/2023 Financial Year

Council’s Community Donations Program is implementing a new format from 1 July 2022 in line with the start of the new 2022/2023 Financial Year.

Applications for funding for the 2022/2023 Financial Year will:

  • Open 14 July 2022
  • Close 14 August 2022

Applications received will be assessed by the Donations Assessment Panel to ensure that the application meets the eligibility criteria outlined below. The application will then be reported to Council seeking support for financial assistance. The elected Council will determine the funding to be provided.

Please review the Community Donations Policy in conjunction with the Eligibility Criteria before proceeding with the application.

Before submitting your application, please note:

  • Applications received after 14 August 2022 will not be eligible for funding
  • Donations will not be processed without a completed application form and the required supporting documentation

Community Donations Program eligibility criteria 

Applications for donations will only be considered if they are classified as one of three categories

  • General Community Donations (Culture, Community & Environment)
  • Sponsorship of Local Events
  • Subsidised Rental, Rates and Use of Council Facilities

The following criteria applies to all donation categories

  • What Community Strategic Plan Key Priorities does the project meet? (view our Community Strategic Plan)
  • Who and how many benefit from the project/event (target group)?
  • To what degree is the group/project/event self-financing?
  • Has the need for the project/event been demonstrated?
  • Has the need for funding or subsidy been demonstrated?
  • Is the organisation able to make a contribution either in monetary funds or in kind, e.g. labour, materials, etc?
  • What efforts have been made to seek funds from other sources?
  • Does the application have a broad community focus?
  • If the project/event has a regional focus what benefit will occur for Shoalhaven residents?

Applications will NOT be eligible for funding if any of the following apply

  • The benefit is primarily to an individual
  • Duplication of service or project already existing within the Shoalhaven Local Government Area
  • Projects occurring outside the Shoalhaven Local Government Area
  • Projects that are retrospective
  • Projects which do not align with Council’s Community Strategic Plan
  • Applicants are able to self-fund the project
  • A more applicable funding source is available
  • The applicants are Government Departments or Agencies
  • The application is for capital funds (e.g. building and building maintenance costs)
  • The project will financially benefit a profit-making organisation, individual or Government Department
  • Projects and facilities or services are controlled through Council appointed Management Committees (where these projects, facilities or services are not under Council’s direct care and control)
  • The proceeds or entry fee from a project or event are being donated to another organisation
  • There is no direct benefit to Shoalhaven City residents


Things to consider for your application

  1. If you do not hold an ABN, complete a Statement by a supplier - Australian Taxation Office and upload to your application
  2. Review an example of a Financial Acquittal for assistance in completing yours if required during the application process
  3. Ensure that your proposed event is compliant with Council’s Events Policy and that an Event Application has been completed and lodged with the Events Team 90 days prior to the event 

For further information visit:

How to be grant ready

This one-hour grant writing webinar is ideal for community groups and non-profit organisations that want to improve their grant writing skills. The session provides information on what grants exist and tips on how to apply for them.

Upcoming grants

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